How to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website

As the most popular social network, Facebook is one of the top platforms for businesses. This article introduces and reviews the category of marketing with Facebook (Facebook Marketing).

When the name of social networks is heard, several main media such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and of course Facebook come to mind. While many people may not yet have accurate information and statistics on these networks, it may be good to know that contrary to popular belief, Instagram is not the most popular social network in the world. Facebook’s social media tops the list by a significant margin compared to other networks. Interestingly, since Facebook started its career and reached this position, no other social network has succeeded in reaching its current popularity.

This exemplary popularity quickly made Facebook an active platform for business. It should be said that Facebook was the first social network in the world where a large volume of economic exchanges took place. It didn’t take long for Facebook to officially unveil its advertising and professional platform for online businesses, and it officially became the world’s largest social network.

More than a decade has passed since Facebook traffic became popular, and the media, while gaining a lot of strong competitors, is still dominating the world of social media, especially in the business sector. In recent years, Facebook’s impact on business transactions has been unprecedented, and this has led to the emergence of virtually a unique marketing platform, Facebook Marketing. Over the years, Facebook has worked hard to expand its advertising and marketing services and has now reached a point where it is even a serious competitor to Google in terms of advertising.

Would you like to drive more Facebook traffic to your website?

In this article from the manager website, we are going to make you more familiar with this powerful social network and examine the various aspects of marketing discussion with Facebook. But before we get into that, let’s get a little more familiar with the nature of Facebook and its history. It may be interesting to know that many people, just as they have heard only a simple name from companies like Google, think the same about Facebook and consider it just a simple social network. We want to tell you why Facebook is one of the most important revenue streams for online businesses.

Important Note: Since Facebook is not very popular and used in the USA, the topics discussed in this article are on a global scale. The main audience of this article is Iranian companies and businesses that are not operating domestically but are operating globally and offer their products and services to foreign customers. Such businesses convert their income from rials to dollars and have significant incomes. Of course, Facebook can be one of the best tools for such businesses to have a credible and powerful channel to introduce and sell their products in other countries.

Take a look at Facebook history

Facebook was first launched as an academic project in February 2004. Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg at the time co-launched the project with several of his roommates, including Eduardo Severin, Andre McCollum and Chris Hughes. They first created a website and turned it into a community.

Initially, only Harvard students were able to join, but a few months later Facebook allowed students from other US and Canadian universities to join. Finally, in September 2006, the social network became available to people around the world who had an active email address and were over 13 years old. While the university project was more than expected, Mark Zuckerberg decided to develop it professionally. That’s why he dropped out of college and devoted all his time to programming and expanding Facebook.

Before working on the Facebook project, Mark Zuckerberg launched a proprietary project called Face Mash, which was actually the first trial version of Facebook. This project was very simple and more like a sublime game. But this simple idea made Zuckerberg think about developing it. While the original project was completely renamed, in 2010 Zuckerberg made good money selling the domain. He sold the domain for more than $ 30,000 to raise the necessary funds to further develop Facebook.

Of course, in 2004, when the high potential of this medium appeared for many investors, Mr. Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist investor, invested $ 500,000 in this startup, giving Facebook a start. Have a controversy.

Facebook registration reason

The word Facebook, which actually consists of the separate words Face and Book, was an innovative word that means to display photos of people. At the time, the main purpose of building this website was to create a virtual community for communication between Harvard students. Since the members’ profile picture was the main symbol of this site, the name Facebook seemed to be the best choice for this project.

Facebook’s current value and position

Facebook’s rapid growth and popularity was so rapid that it may have gone down in history as a record. Only 4 years after the launch of this social network, in the second half of 2018, the number of users of this network exceeded 100 million. This number reached more than 300 million by the end of 2009, and a few months later, in early 2010, the number of active Facebook users increased to more than 400 million. This trend continued in a staggering way until finally, with the start of 2017, Facebook became the most popular social network in the world with an incredible record of 1 billion and 860 million users! According to the latest Facebook reports, this social media currently has more than 2.5 billion users worldwide. This means that about one third of the world’s population are members of this media!

After 2010, Facebook became practically one of the largest digital companies and one of the most profitable online businesses. Professional policies and crucial decisions have allowed Facebook to move much faster. One of the biggest and most important events in the digital world, not only for this company but also for the world of technology, was the acquisition of Instagram social network by this company in 2012. In April 2012, the company bought Instagram social media for $ 1 billion, two years after its launch, and took advantage of the popular network’s latent potential.

But wait, the weirdest news that surprises everyone is that Facebook went after WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messenger, after Instagram. In 2014, the company announced that it had acquired WhatsApp for an incredible $ 19 billion! This staggering amount was raised entirely by Facebook’s pre-acquired assets. This shows how profitable Facebook has been over the years. But how did a simple college project turn into a huge, money-making company? The answer to this question lies in several parts, but the most important thing that brought Facebook to this position was its smart advertising system, which was not only profitable for the company itself, but also very useful for its audience. The same intelligent and professional system has had huge benefits for many other companies and businesses, and its collection has taken the form of a new marketing in the world of the Internet.

In the continuation of this article, we are going to introduce you to the topic of marketing with Facebook or Facebook marketing and tell you why this type of marketing is used globally.

What does marketing mean on Facebook?

Like any other online social networking site, Facebook has many great tools and solutions for your business. Although important media tools such as Facebook or Twitter are not fully available to American businesses, the high potential of these networks’ communication systems can still be a good way to connect with audiences. But as mentioned, the audience of this article is not businesses that operate inside Iran for Iranian customers.

There are many reasons that have led users to create an account on this network, one of the most important of which is the membership system and profile storage on the company’s cloud servers. Many software and gaming companies, using Facebook’s comprehensive and advanced system, have provided conditions for their audiences to use their facilities with the help of their Facebook account.

Such a move was previously implemented by Google, and through it, instead of filling out the registration form and creating an account in various applications or sites, people can do it very easily and with one click with the help of their Google account. They were doing. Now Facebook has made it possible for companies and their audiences to do the same. Many of today’s mobile online games have used Facebook instead of creating a separate account, which has doubled the convenience of users and they do not need to spend time creating and verifying a new account.

With these interpretations, it should be said that Facebook is now an international medium on the Internet and having an account on this medium has become inevitable. Given this fact, it is possible to understand why nearly 3 billion people have accounts on this social network. Now, in this situation, do you think that a network with this volume of audience cannot be a great platform for you and your business to introduce your products or services to a wide range of potential users?

An online business typically uses Facebook for two general purposes:

  • Having a page in order to communicate closely with the contacts
  • Use Facebook advertising services or buy Facebook traffic and tools to develop and increase the productivity of business activities

Facebook has created conditions for business pages (Business Pages) with which you, as the owner of an online business, can introduce products, attract contacts and persuade users to become customers.

Where to start?

Before you start working on Facebook, you should know that Facebook generally allows users to build a page in two main parts. Many users normally register on Facebook and mistakenly share content for their business on the same normal pages. So, if you have a regular Facebook page, you should first of all turn it into a business page.

Basic standards and steps for building and launching a business page on Facebook:

  1. Build a business page or Facebook Business Page
  • To do this, you must first go to . By referring to this section, you can log in to Facebook with the help of the account you have already created and follow the steps to set up a business page. If you do not already have an account on Facebook, you can easily create a Facebook account from the registration section at .
  • After going to the Facebook Business Page, you need to specify the type of your business page between the two modes Business / Brand or Community / public figure. If you own a corporate business and a particular brand, you should choose the first option, and if you are a working group or a public figure, you should choose the second option.
  • Finally, you should enter a description of the type of business and its specifications in the last section.
  1. Add a profile picture

Usually the first thing users need to do after filling out the registration form is to select an original profile picture. On Facebook, in addition to the profile picture, which can be a photo of people or a brand logo of a company, there is also a section for placing cover images. In this section, you can design an effective banner or cover.

Pay attention to the size of the images you design for these two parts. For the profile photo, you must select or design a square image that is the same height and width. This image must be at least 180 by 180 pixels in size. The standard size for the cover section is 851 by 315 pixels in desktop browsers and 640 by 360 pixels in smart browsers. The suggested size for Facebook timelines is 1200 by 628 pixels.

  1. Complete the page profile

Fill out the important details in the Edit Page Info section:

  • Description: In this section, up to 255 characters must be written about the summary of activities and services provided or a brief introduction of your brand.
  • Contact information: In this section you can enter communication methods such as website address, email or contact number.
  • Extra options: There are separate options where you can enter more information such as business hours, product pricing as well as privacy policy.
  1. Create a Facebook user account or page address

One of the most important things to consider when building and launching a business Facebook page is your username or username. This username is also called Vanity URL. The maximum number of characters allowed to select a user account on Facebook is 50 characters. This username will be the same as the address of your Facebook page. Click Create Page @HighQaulityTargetedWebsiteTraffic

 to register your Facebook account.

To choose a name, pay attention to these two points:

  • It is better to choose a username or use your brand name in Latin. Use a simple name that can be easily searched by users.
  • It is recommended that the username you choose be the same as the one you have used on other social networks. Not only will this make it easier for you to access and remember the URLs of your pages, but it will also greatly enhance your work prestige.


  1. Add the Call-to-action button

The ability to call to action is actually a practical tool to make it easier for users to communicate effectively with you. This feature is an interesting way to convey important information to the audience and is one of the best ways to sell products or introduce people to a brand. In other articles, has fully introduced this topic. We recommend that you do not neglect reading this article.

  1. Check the settings and different sections of your Facebook page

In addition to the sections mentioned above, Facebook also has sub-options that you can use to make specific changes to your page. Before finalizing the page, it is better to take a look at all these sections, especially the section on security and privacy, and apply important security tips on your page with Facebook solutions and suggestions.

Types of content that can be shared on Facebook

Now that your Facebook business page is up and running, it’s time to think about producing content on this medium. Before you try to do this without planning or with enough information, it is best to know what model of posts and content can be shared on Facebook.

  • Text content or Status Post

The most important, simplest and most widely used type of content sharing on Facebook is textual and textual content. This content does not contain any special formats, links, photos, videos or other files and only plain text is written. You may have heard it said before that influence lies in simplicity. Facebook is one of the social media that has made this sentence meaningful.

It is interesting to know that most of the content shared on Facebook is by large companies or personal brands, and many of them have caused a lot of audience reactions by just writing a simple question or news item. A post containing text may not be a way to refer contacts to a website or to try to turn contacts into customers, but it is the easiest and most painless way to engage users with your business. Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their lives, using this model of post as an interesting way to engage their audience and encourage them to comment.

  • Photo Content or Photo Post

Because, unlike regular texts, many users do not have the patience to read texts, especially long posts on social networks, photos are a great way to get their attention. This is exactly what has been used on other social networks, especially Instagram, and the positive result is felt in almost every media. A post with a photo (though not a low-key photo, but an engaging and engaging photo) has a higher engagement rate than text.

With the help of photos, you can show your products to your contacts in the easiest and fastest possible time. Especially if you have a taste in designing them, you can be sure that people love to see attractive images. It is also interesting to note that the use of text in the image is far more popular than regular text. But we should not mistakenly show long texts in the form of images to the audience. The best solution is to include important summaries of your long text in the text with the help of content marketing strategies and then encourage people to read the full description in the Description section.

It is better to take creating and sharing images on social networks such as Facebook seriously. If you are looking to engage your audience with these images and encourage them to follow your page, it is better to combine creativity, quality and modernity. Even if you do not have a hand in drawing, you can hire a graphic designer or use freelancers to create these images. There is an interesting and simpler solution, and that is to create a default template for all images, and each time a new photo is shared, only the text inside them changes.

  • Video content or Video Post

Just like video content, you can also share video content on Facebook, which is arguably one of the most popular social networks in the field. Sharing video on Facebook’s powerful and fast servers is very easy and also has very good feedback. Large companies use short videos to introduce their products in the form of teasers on Facebook. By doing so, they not only keep customers from getting tired of watching long videos, but also encourage them to come to your website to learn more about that product and increase real Facebook comments and Facebook video likes in special ways.

Just like Instagram, where videos are automatically streamed in the Feed section, so is Facebook. So even if a few seconds of your video is seen by a user, the chances are that he will be attracted to your post and page. But the condition for this is to make high quality and fascinating teasers and videos.

Facebook itself recommends using shorter videos more often. But that doesn’t mean Facebook has no place for long videos. Facebook has suggested that you use long videos to display a complete story, with a time limit of at least 1 minute and an ideal time of between 3 and 5 minutes.

Don’t forget that one of the advantages of video or video posts is the ability for users to share them. The results show that almost 60% of the people who welcomed and liked your videos and pictures on Facebook, shared them with their friends on Facebook and even other media.

  • Live videos

In the last few years, we have seen the addition of the Live Videos feature on social media. For us American, Instagram plays the leading role in this regard, but it may be interesting to know that at the international level, and especially in Western countries, it is Facebook and YouTube that are more closely competitive in this field.

Just like Instagram and YouTube Live, Facebook Live has similar features. This feature was first added to Facebook in 2016, and according to official statistics, to date, more than 2 billion people have participated in Facebook live videos. It can be said that Facebook may be significantly more popular than Instagram in this regard. Of course, as mentioned, this is not the case in the USA.

Live videos are a very effective way to create a sense of confidence in your audience. Many large companies use these videos to show the currents that are happening behind the scenes of that business. Doing so will make the subconscious mind of users feel that you value their curiosity and are even willing to provide them with more confidential information.

But other than that, the more common use of live videos is a 100% direct connection between a business (specifically the management of that business) and the audience. This not only allows you, as a business owner, to directly observe the ideas, comments, suggestions and criticisms of users, but also with such an approach, you value your audience and customers.

Many business owners use live video to publish specific news, exclusive newsletters, or to promote a product in the public eye. Doing so will greatly improve your close relationship with your audience. If you have the opportunity to answer the questions, you can go through this process of popularity faster. In this case, Facebook is a good platform for businesses.

  • Stories

We are all well acquainted with the stories. What we see in abundance on Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapshot, etc… Stories have become an integral part of social media traffic and are a simple but great way to share temporary information. Facebook has not lagged behind and has launched its story system.

You can publish your stories in the form of short videos or still images on Facebook to have a better chance of seeing them than the posts in the Feed section. There are interesting features such as using emojis, GIF images, etc. in Facebook stories that can turn your stories from normal to attractive.

  • Linked Content Posts

One of the top and most important features of Facebook is the ability to publish posts that contain links to another site. Facebook examines the links of the pages you enter and displays it along with Description and metadata information. It is also possible to click on the links either in the updated version or in the Facebook application. Something that does not exist on Instagram and has caused the click-through rate to receive input from Instagram through post sharing is almost zero!