How to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly (A Case Study with the Best Tips & Tricks)


One way to track site traffic is to use the Alexa tool. There are several ways to increase site traffic, including adhering to SEO principles and using Google AdWords. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 practical tips to reduce the Alexa rank of the website.

What is Alexa and what is the Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a product from Amazon that maintains the ranking of websites according to their performance.

The daily visit of the website and the incoming traffic to it will be decisive in its Alexa rank ranking.

The most important part of Alexa rankings is that it adds more value to the traffic generated by a search from a website. This means that when your visitors install Alexa on their browser toolbar and visit your site, your website ranking will increase.

Does the Alexa Rank matter? Why should anyone care?

  • Write quality content

As you know, content production is the most important part of your website. If you use duplicate content and suggestions for any website, your Alexa ranking will definitely improve.

Use Unique Content = Improve Search Engine Ranking = Improve Alexa Ranking

In fact, the search engine likes the unique content of websites and their offers. If your content is unique, your search engine rankings will improve, and if your search engine rankings improve, Alexa will also improve.

  • Install Alexa Toolbar

In my own experiments, I’ve also found that there are multiple other variables (ranked in order of importance) that play a role in the Alexa Rank algorithm. This include:

  • Traffic from people that use the Alexa Toolbar (which is a horrible estimation of the number of site visitors)
  • Number of Webpage views
  • Time spent on site per visitor (Dwell Time & Time-on-Site)
  • Bounce Rate and CTR (Click-through-rate). Learn how to increase your CTR.
  • Quality and Diversity of the views
  • Number of inbounds links to site (also known as backlinks)
  • Social Media share, likes, comments count
  • Site Load Speed (which leads to visitors not leaving your site so quickly)
  • Site UX/UI
  • Use the Alexa Rank widget

This is one of the most important widgets for your website or blog. If you use this widget, your Alexa ranking will improve at a good rate. Each click on this widget is calculated and will increase your ranking.

  • Post content

The most useful and important part is posting content, so you get more and more search engine traffic, which easily helps to improve your Alexa ranking. Here is a good backup link meaning = “Follow” backup links.

Increase “Follow” links = increase PR

Increasing PR = Website is enough to be able to sponsor, do affiliate marketing and so on.

Social networking

In fact, social networking will bring more visitors to your website, and Alexa rankings will definitely improve as the number of visitors increases. There are several types of social networking sites that can help you get more traffic:

So, if you have free time, you should do this.

Submit blogs or websites to search engines and directories

Stores blog, website, and online journal indexes that are displayed in a distinct class. Once your website is endorsed with a catalog, you can own a journalized webpage of the journal. This will give your site a boost and you can use it for your internal communication.

  • Validate your website at com

You need to validate your website on Alexa to be trusted by Alexa.

There are several plugins that can easily validate your website. Some of them are:

  • Create a personalization toolbar using Alexa Toolbar Creator

This will help you connect with your customers and drive more traffic to your website. Everyone will be able to create their own Alexa personalization toolbar and upgrade your website with it. As a result, your website traffic will increase.

Increase search traffic to your website

Website traffic will improve according to more search engine traffic. If your website is on the first page of the search engine, you can get more and more search engine traffic, and for this reason, Alexa ranking will increase.

Non-SEO tips

  • Coherent blogging
  • Encourage visitors to share your site
  • Guest Blogging
  • List of your website directories

SEO Tips

  • Use the right keywords. Use keywords such as web page title, description, domain name (on SEO page)
  • Use ALT tags in images and links
  • Use Anchor tags
  • Find keywords and use them in meta titles
  • Perform on-site and off-site optimization
  • Good support links to get your site ranked high in search engines. Use more “Follow” links
  • Get paid traffic with the help of Google AdWords or Microsoft Ed Center

The most important points and the last point – A Guide to Improving Your Alexa Rank 

I make this point based on my own experience. I recommend that if you have multiple computers and have your website set as the default website among all of them, install the Alexa widget or toolbar on all your computer browsers. As much as you can, spread your content on social media and watch the Alexa rankings change from week to week.

About showing Alexa rank

One of the most popular SEO tools that is effective in displaying the current position of various websites in the Alexa ranking system is the free Alexa check and ranking tool, which is on the list of professional SEO analysis and review tools in has been added and here we will briefly introduce and the importance of its function.

Alexa Rank Check Performance

This free tool with a simple function, helps you to find the position of your site and analyze the position of your competitors in the reputable Alexa site and by listing statistics and information such as world rank, national rank and best national rank, number of backlinks and links The entries to the mentioned site and also showing statistical charts for the world ranking and search engine traffic show its upward or downward trend and such a useful and practical tool for webmasters and SEO experts and they are able to provide this statistic. Custom reports will be delivered from the site and projects under optimization to customers. To work with this tool, it is enough to enter the domain or URL of the site in the relevant box, and after entering the anti-robot code (I am not a robot) and click on the analysis button, wait for the mentioned results.

A noteworthy point in the results announced on the Alexa site is that the special position and the best ranking of the sites is for lower numerical rankings. This means that the lower the global or national ranking of a site, the better the position of Alexa site compared to other sites with higher numerical rankings.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a general measure of a website’s popularity. Alexa has traffic statistics for millions of websites over the past three months. The lower the number, the more popular the site. A website with an Alexa rank of 1 has the highest amount of traffic and conflict with other existing sites.

Because Alexa rank is a comparative measure, it is useful for competitive bookmarking.

How is Alexa rank calculated?

Two main inputs affect a website’s Alexa ranking: unique visitors and page views; Alexa algorithms calculate Alexa rank by looking at traffic data from a global Alexa sample of millions of Internet users over the previous quarter.

The traffic of some sites is estimated based on an example of global web traffic, but there is a lot of misunderstanding about how Alexa ranks.

Alexa Rank is just a metric, but it’s not a useful way to check website performance when accessing website analytics. It is also a reliable measure that others can seek to prove value, because anyone can access it through the free Alexa Analytics tool.

The Importance of Alexa Site Ranking

Alexa site ranking system is a unique ranking system and is basically set up at The number of site visitors is accurately calculated and determined and made public by Alexa. The results announced by Alexa site directly or through intermediaries through Alexa site ranking tools are all important parameters in optimizing the website and determining the position and position of the site in search engine results. Of course, it should also be borne in mind that due to some tricks and black hat SEO methods such as pop-ups, the site traffic statistics can be increased unrealistically, and such statistics announced by Alexa for the site is not true and a valid criterion for The evaluation of the site and its position in the world or country will not be.

What is a regional ranking?

Regional numerical ranking is separate from global ranking number, which indicates the popularity of the site in a particular country

What are the features of Alexa site?

In addition to being able to analyze competitive and website traffic, Alexa can show you more information about key SEO opportunities, including keyword targeted organic website traffic can drive traffic to competing sites.

Another feature of Alexa site is comparing your site with other competitors.


Best Alexa Rank Services To Buy Online this is the best way to improve your Alexa ranking, because all website visitors will be affected by your ranking. This includes a pop-up blocker, a search engine box, a link to, and information about Alexa’s recent rankings.

Increasing your site’s Alexa ranking is the result of active searches on your site. Actions that use the Alexa toolbar are a very important criterion. There is no immediate link between SERP placement and Alexa placement on your site. This connection depends only on the amount of activity. When your site is legally ranked in the SERP results, activity will increase and bring a better position for Alexa. The better the Alexa position, the more prominent the site becomes. The more straightforward the site, the more active the guests will be, which will provide more support in Alexa.