What tools can be used to find keywords and word website traffic?

If you search the list of SEO search tools in Google , you will see that Google will offer you about 200 options in this market, all of which have different features, including the amount and sources of information and, of course, different costs. . The question here is which of the following SEOs do you really need? And more importantly, do you really need to spend about $ 1,000 a month on this, or are there other ways to cut costs?

Today we will provide you with 8 useful and free solutions for keyword research tools, each of which is responsible for researching specific keywords and in no way should they be compared to the options that cost a lot of money. We have spent to underestimate.

1- Rank Tracker tool or (Rank Tracker)

We use rank tracking to find a comprehensive list of keywords and related SEO analytics.

When is the rank SEO tool used?

The best SEO keyword will often not be the most anticipated keyword in the same axis. To find a keyword that is as valuable to you as jewelry, you need to search through all the available options from multiple sources of information, and this is exactly where you need to track rankings and 38 different research tools for the keyword in question. The need for this is clearly seen.

  • – Offers track website traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon
  • – Plan keywords in Google advertising platform and Google search console action
  • – Access to all databases in which your competitors are ranked
  • – Long keywords that can create a question for the reader.
  • Common spelling mistakes and substitutions
  • – Etc.

Using one of these strategies will allow you to come up with the best idea about your keyword list, and also allow you to analyze your traffic potential and evaluate the intensity of competition in your field. This allows you to focus on SEO and direct you to the path that brings you the best place to buy  website traffic.

Free version

Although paid versions have richer features in this regard, free versions can be 100% useful for keyword searches and allow you to research and analyze traffic potential. To use Rank Tracker, click on this rank tracker link.

2- Google search console tool

Find growing and upgrading traffic to your keywords

When is Google Search Console SEO Tool Used?

Google Consoles is a great place to analyze your current SEO keywords in relation to your current position in Google and rankings, estimates and click-through rates.

Paying attention to this information can provide you with an incredible shortcut in SEO. For example, if your URL on the Internet is on the second or third page of Google, Google will automatically find your page and text related to the user’s search, and only more attention to SEO can put you on the page and category of a search engine. And may provide you with a significant amount of traffic. You may have noticed that some pages with the first rank in Google search have keywords that reduce the click-through rate of users and SEO and site optimization in The results of search pages or the addition of designed bookmarks can surprise you in terms of SEO promotion.

Free version:

Google Search Console is free for users to use. To use the Google search console, click on this webmasters link .

3- Google Ads Keyword Planner

Decide which keyword in search engines can be the most appropriate target for SEO and click-through ads.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

When do we use Keyboard Planner?

For some keywords, low-advertising bids can logically and simply get a high-click keyword, obviously too expensive clicks will mean you win in the way of your SEO traffic. So before searching in any search engine, we need to differentiate between your keywords and your page clickers. It is clear that the best place to get the above information is the keyword targeted google organic web traffic planner in Google ads. This tool shows you search volume, cost-per-click, ad competition, and seasonal traffic fluctuations in one place, and even lets you estimate and forecast key ads in the right situations.

Free version:

These search tools are free. If you have not yet paid Google Ads, your search volume analysis is limited to a range (relative to the normal search volume), so we need to use other tools such as using rank tracking in order to Increase website traffic to increase the value of your search. Click on this ads link to use Keyboard Planner.

4- Using Answer the Public site

To find practical and popular questions for answers and optimize voice searches

When do we use Answer the Public?

When do we use Answer the Public?

With this feature of Google, searchers have a better understanding of understanding a topic as a question than by presenting the topic as a phrase or words. And this trend can be even more popular with voice search.

In search engines, keywords are one of the key aspects to success in voice search. Content implementation is such that a complete answer to the user’s question is given in your text and page, plus content questions are more likely to be answered by users. Reasonably named “Organic Traffic“.

The fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions in your business is to use the AnswerThePublic site, which works by matching your keywords with questions such as (Who? What? Why? And…) Is combined.

With your questions, the preposition is added to your keywords. Combining these prepositions with your keyword, you are always offered other keywords (your keywords versus other keywords).

Free version:

Site Answer the Public free.

5- Keyword Tool Dominator

A tool to find keywords from Amazon, Etsy and Ebay

When should we use the Keyword Tool Dominator?

The way buyers search for you on Google depends on how they search on Amazon. In fact, people search on Google for the store they want to buy from, and on Amazon they search directly for the product they want. So far, we have found that as an Amazon searcher, a simple search for SEO keywords on Google alone is not enough, you need to optimize for search on Amazon and keywords used on Amazon.

The best tool by Amazon in the data base is the keyword dominated tool. All we need to keep in mind is that there is no way to measure search volume on Amazon, all you have is a raw keyword and a list of ideas.

Free version:

Without a purchase certificate, you are allowed to use three requests a day from all three databases: eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

6- Google Trends

To choose the right keyword to improve your local business

Google Trends

When to use the Google Trends tool?

It has been proven that people in different parts of the world search the Internet with different patterns, and more interestingly, the way of searching from one nation to another is different. Google trends tend to allow you to use search engines according to location. Gives you your geography. All you have to do is search for the same keyword with two different positions to see the difference between the searches.

For example, according to Google, “US State targeted traffic” is the most popular search among people in the United States, using the word lawyer, while in Tennessee and New Mexico, the exact same term is used with the word attorney.

Another less important factor is the use of keywords in relation to the chapters in which more or less that word is searched in that particular chapter.

Free version:

Google Trends is completely free. Click on this Google Trends link to use Google Trends .

7- Google Correlate

To discover unexpected keywords in the surrounding environment

Google Correlate

How to use Google Correlate:

When you are looking for the keywords in your business, you probably have a list of possible ideas in mind, it is not unbelievable that a flower delivery shop should monitor all local florists. But Google correlations help you look at your keywords from a different angle, identifying words that link seasonal interest fluctuations to your keywords. For example, to send flowers, our key word is correlated with other services of sending flowers by women, sending chocolate and coated strawberries, and so on. And if someone does not welcome your products, you can definitely give people the opportunity to become your customers on Valentine’s Day and holidays.

8- Using keywords tool (Keywords Everywhere)

Analyze keywords and search tools while you search

Use the Keywords Everywhere tool

When to use the Keywords Everywhere tool:

Adding keywords to browsers is free everywhere, allowing you to analyze keywords on Google, Bing, YouTube, and other websites.

Whenever you start typing in the search menu, you will be automatically given keyword suggestions.

Free version:

Keywords are free everywhere. Click on the link to use Keywords Everywhere .

The above content was the keyword search tools in SEO that are easily accessible. Whatever your goal, whatever business you have, a good SEO can get you on the right track, so you need to make the most of your search engine optimization to ensure your SEO.