What is organic traffic? Definition



“I’ve been in charge of the Web, but I wonder what organic and natural searches are…” and “My boss told me to improve it because there isn’t much access from the Web!” I wonder if some people are worried about “…”?

Actually, what you usually see about organic search and natural search is that you can significantly increase website traffic by holding down the points to increase.

Therefore, this time we will introduce the improvement measures that should be actually implemented from the basics of organic search and natural search, so please use it as a reference for web marketing.

What is Organic Search?

The direct translation of “organic search” means “Organic Traffic“. Organic search is a mechanism in which when a user using Google, Yahoo!, etc. searches, the websites extracted by each search engine mechanism are displayed. I introduced it a little bit hard, but the point is the site that appears when you search.

However, there are two types of information displayed as search results, “advertisement” and “Organic”, and the latter “natural” is the site extracted by organic search.

This is the site that appeared in the organic search when searching for a “smartphone case”. The smartphone case ranking site was displayed as the first place. On the other hand, this is an advertisement. When I searched with the keyword “English conversation class”, an advertisement for the English conversation classroom was displayed, but where to find it, it is because “Advertisement” is written on the left side.

In addition, this display is generally called “paid search”. Paid search, as its name implies, is a mechanism for displaying search results for a fee. It is provided by Yahoo! Listing Ads on Yahoo! and Google Ads on Google and pays advertising fees to companies for keywords that cannot be displayed in the top by natural search alone and displays them in the top of search results.

While Google is developing the mechanism of the search engine, what is important is “user-friendliness”. Therefore, we don’t use the notation that people don’t know how to put out an ad that is tricked by users or whether it is an advertisement or a natural search.  …

Which measures should be taken, Organic search traffic or paid search?

The bottom line is that you don’t want to run ads to enhance paid search or SEO to enhance natural search. Both are important measures when considering SEM (Search Engine Marketing ≒ keyword marketing) for websites.

What is SEM?

It’s a little off, but I’ll explain SEM, which is important when doing web marketing.

SEM is called Search Engine Marketing and is a generic term for search engines, that is, marketing methods using search engines. And there are natural search and paid search in this search engine. Marketing methods include “SEO” and “search engine advertising”, and SEO is one of SEM.

What is SEO?

SEO is an important measure against organic search. SEO is one of SEM’s strategies, and the purpose is to increase the number of accesses by organic search but raising the ranking by organic search is a method. Measures will be taken for each search keyword that the user is likely to search, and measures will be taken so that the search keyword is ranked higher.

Both can maximize the effect by taking measures.

 As you can see from this table, the measures for paid search and natural search have different properties in many items. In addition to considering cost allocation according to the characteristics of products and services, considering that SEO takes time to be effective, in the initial stage we will invest a lot of budgets to thicken advertisement placement and link building while investing a lot of budget. Let’s try to do it.

Benefits of increasing organic search

So, what are the benefits of focusing on organic search?

More visits to your site

One of the advantages is that the number of visitors and access to the site will increase. The high ranking of the site by organic search makes it easy for users to visit your site and keeps them in your eyes. Originally, the purpose of creating a website should be to attract customers, sell products, provide services, etc., but the denominator that leads to Increased Conversions will go up, and as a result, to increase the final profit of the company. I can.

Strengthen branding

The fact that it ranks high in the organic search can be highly evaluated by users.

Google’s search engine has evolved significantly, and now it has an algorithm that uses technologies such as AI to display the sites that users find valuable to the top. Therefore, being displayed in a higher rank means that the user has a high rating, which means that it will strengthen branding as a company.

Advertising costs can be reduced “Buy Organic Traffic

If high-ranking display in organic search is realized, it will be possible to reduce the rate of attracting customers by paid search, and as a result, it will lead to a reduction in advertising costs. However, in order to display higher ranks in organic search, it is necessary to make efforts to enrich the contents and deliver valuable information to users. In order to make that effort, labor costs and production costs for producing the content are required, but it is necessary to make a strategy while looking at the balance between them. As I mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to work hard on only one of them, or Best Organic Traffic Services To Buy Online but it is necessary to work on both natural search and paid search in a well-balanced manner and do both.

Inflow analysis method with Google Analytics

From here, we will introduce the inflow analysis method using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to analyze how a user who visited a website visited, what pages they viewed, and how they spent their time and what they did.

What is a user?

As the name implies, a user is a numerical representation of the number of users, etc. Among the users, “new users”, “sessions”, “bounce rate”, etc. are written.

Click on “Users” on the left side to see “Overview”. Click here.

Then change “everyone” to “Organic search”. “All users” includes information about paid advertisements other than natural search and users who came from links, so it is necessary to change to “natural search” only. Then, user information such as “Number of users” and “Number of new users” is displayed, and you can see the status of the users.

What is attracting customers?

Attracting customers is described as to how they visited the site.

Click on “Customers” on the left side for the “Summary”. Click here.

Then the following screen will be displayed, and you can see the number of users and sessions from each channel. A channel is a route when you come to the site.

Organic Search is a natural search, and Direct is a case where users who visited directly flowed in from their favorite registrations and leaflets.

Referral is an inflow from an external site, Paid Search is an inflow from paid search, and Social is an inflow from SNS such as Facebook. It is possible to analyze which channel has the most access.

What is action?

Actions can be used to check what kind of page the user browsed.

Click “Actions” on the left side, and there is a “Summary”. Click here. Then change “Everyone” to “Organic Website search”.

By understanding what role each page has, you can know which page is visited by many people.

In addition, you can see which page you went to from which page, so you can grasp the behavior of each user and improve the site. This time, I have introduced the “outline” of each item, but I will introduce the item in the following article, so please refer to it.

How to increase organic search

What are some ways to increase the number of search users for organic search?

  • SEO (Internal SEO)

When taking SEO measures, there is an idea of internal SEO and external SEO.

Internal SEO is a measure that helps search engines recognize your site correctly. There are many policy points such as optimization of internal tags such as title and description and optimization of URL. It is also necessary to take measures such as enriching the contents of the site and transmitting useful information to users.

  • SEO (external SEO)

On the other hand, external SEO is not a measure for internal content, etc., but a measure for increasing the evaluation of the site by receiving external backlinks (external links). Backlinks from the outside are not good means because they create their own sites and set backlinks from them, which is a self-made performance.

However, receiving backlinks from general users called natural links leads to evaluation of the site. By posting the information that users are looking for, they will be introduced on other sites and you can get backlinks.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is a method used by many companies as a countermeasure for internal SEO.

Content marketing is a measure to create useful content for users and not only aim for big keywords, but also strategically target niche words etc. to connect users visiting from niche words to conversion.  … By implementing this measure, not only can internal SEO be strengthened, but there is a possibility that you will also be able to acquire backlinks by writing articles that can be introduced on other sites. In other words, there is also the possibility of strengthening external SEO.

in conclusion

Up to this point, I have introduced you to organic search. There are measures for targeted organic website traffic search and paid search for search engine measures, and it is necessary to use each in a well-balanced manner. In particular, SEO, which is a countermeasure against organic search, tends to take time to be effective. Therefore, when conducting web marketing, do not just take measures, but make sure you have a long-term policy schedule and goals in place before taking any measures.