Introducing Google Trend Tools What is Google Trend and how does it help your business? 

You are probably familiar with these versatile Swiss Army knives. Google Trends or Google Trends (Google Trends) The Swiss Knife is SEOs. A versatile and accessible tool for SEO and site optimization.

If you can only use one SEO tool to develop your internet marketing campaign, rest assured that Google Trend will definitely be one of the best if it is not the best choice for you.

In this article, you are going to know the Google Trend tool and learn how to work with it visually.

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Google Trends (Google Trends) is a tool that can be used as a magic wand for SEOs! This tool tells us what users are looking for! As you know, at the beginning of launching a website, the goal is to attract traffic. In this regard, knowing the popular and user-friendly topics helps us a lot. Of course, this tool has more applications for businesses, which we will discuss in the following. So, join the site admin to check what is Google Trend? And why we should use it.

What is Google Trend tool?

Google Trends is one of the tools that Google released for free in 2006. Of course, in those days, the name of this tool was Insights for Search, which was later changed to Google Trend in about 2012.

This tool displays information about users’ searches in the Google search engine. In fact, the word trend means tendency and desire. This statistical tool shows us the trend of users’ tendencies and tendencies in terms of search volume in each domain.

This tool helps us to get good information about users’ interests. This information can be helpful in finding sales areas, keywords, etc.

With Google Trends, not only can you check statistics for a keyword, but you can also compare it to other keywords.

It is true that this tool does not give you accurate statistics like Keyboard Planner; But instead you can compare a few phrases; For example, find out which of the two phrases is searched the most? One more phrase is searched in which city of America? What are the search terms related to this word in order?

So, what do these hurt you?

Suppose you want to start a clothing business, but first you do not have the capital to bring in all kinds of clothing or to have a large target community. Also, you cannot jump into the water and go by chance. So, you need to choose only one type of clothing at the moment. But which one?

You have searched for words related to clothing in Keyboard Planner and found that ball gowns and baby clothes are in high demand; But at the moment you are only going to target one of these two; So it’s very easy to get into Google Trend and compare the two terms in terms of search statistics and trends.

This is only part of the story; Finding new and pure ideas for content production, more links and improving SEO and examining brand Increase web traffic are other benefits of this tool data that you read in this article.

How does Google Trends help our business?!

So now that we know what Google Trend is? We need to look at its uses and how to use it. Let’s start the discussion with an example.

  • Find popularity

Suppose you want to start teaching music. What kind of training do you start with? Do you know what users are looking for more?! This is where Google Trend tools come in handy!
In this tool, we have compared string training and piano training. With these results, you can choose a better path to start your powerful work.

  • Find the best location

More interestingly, this tool allows you to find out in which province the searched word was most popular. If you are planning to hold a conference or concert, how do you know which city to go to? Google Trends will definitely show you the way.

  • Find keywords

Another use of this tool is to choose the right keywords. In the article How to choose the best keywords We said that Google Trend tool is also used as a way to find keywords. Although tools like Keyword Planner are more accurate and provide more information, Google Trend still has its uses.

You can also find out what searches have increased worldwide. What are users looking for in each topic? In general, get to know the users better!

How to use Google Trends tool?

Ward Google Trend website Enter the keyword you want in the search box. Then click on search.

In the opened page, put the destination country on Iran, specify your desired time period. You can also specify the subject of the search. Then see more detailed information.

Comparing the two topics is more Google

To use the comparison feature, just click Add Compare and enter the second word. In the chart section, it compares these two words with the two colors red and blue for you. You can also add more words for comparison.

Check searches on YouTube

One of the new features added by Google Trends is the ability to track users’ trends on YouTube. If you are active in this network, Google Trend tool will help you a lot to find popular topics. Just set up the web search section on YouTube.  Make sure they are connected to your business when they are not asleep. You put your brand story where they are. Isn’t that great? Now that you know who to Buy Mobile Traffic For Your Site and what it does, I’m sure you will use it to grow your business. is not it?