How to Use LinkedIn to Improve SEO Results & Help Increase Your Website Traffic


LinkedIn is commonly known in the USA as a place to identify and attract human resources to organizations; But of course, this social media can be used to attract traffic to the website.

You may be one of those people who write good articles about your business on your website or blog. You will definitely want more people to read these articles. LinkedIn can help you a lot in this regard.

If your field of activity is B2B or in other words, you have services and products for other businesses, we highly recommend LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an ideal place to connect with the market, build relationships, and drive traffic to your website. With more than 500 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become one of the social necessities for businesses to build and expand their communication network.

In this article, we will show how to get millions of traffic to your website and present 10 ways to increase LinkedIn bounce rate and attract more traffic to your website or blog. Stay with us…

  1. Complete your profile

The first impression you get on LinkedIn is your profile. Try to make this impression as good as possible.

Build your company profile with your business brand name. The page of your business should be personal, professional, and in a way that stays in the minds. To do this, it is better to use the banner image on this page. Use your brand name in this image but it is personalized. Use your business logo on LinkedIn to identify your brand and build more trust for your audience. Tell us a short story about your business background in the About Us section.

Complete your personal profile. It doesn’t matter if you are a content marketer, a blogger, a small business owner, a sales manager, or a CEO. The important thing is that you are the one who wants to use LinkedIn to expand your communication network. In LinkedIn, real human website traffic has a place, and it is definitely better to communicate with a real person than a business. So, it is better to complete your personal profile in a concise and professional and at the same time personalized way and put a picture of your face that is professional and intimate. Put the blog and website link in both the company profile and your personal profile.

We try to explain the matter better with an example. For example, Hootsuite’s company profile on LinkedIn is both personal and very well remembered. The logo image is also used in it. The banner image is both welcoming and very practical. Because this image shows a customer using their services.

  1. Build your communication network

Look for people on LinkedIn that you know. LinkedIn can be considered a modern tool for storing business cards. LinkedIn provides a good platform for communicating with contacts and expanding the communication network.

To expand your LinkedIn network, connect with people who:

  • Do you work with them or have you worked with them before?
  • Have been a schoolmate
  • are part of your email contacts
  • You know them from LinkedIn groups
  • Introduced to you by your current contacts
  • Meet offline at events
  • Communicate with you on other social media
  • are your customers
  • are your business partners

The more connections you have, the more people will see your updates on LinkedIn.

We recommend that you use a personalized note when building your communication network on LinkedIn.

  1. You need to be active to attract traffic

If you want to attract traffic from LinkedIn to your website, you must be active, In other words, post regularly on LinkedIn.

Update your status several times a week. This will ensure that your intimate face or company logo is regularly seen by the business network you have created. The more you are seen by your communication network, the more trust you will have in them. This will increase the likelihood that they will click on your website link over time. In addition, this trust can generate potential customers.

Do not let your network recognize you as spam. In order not to block your contacts, it is better to set a limit for posting. See how many times a week it is better to post.

Link to your articles on the website. Use LinkedIn to improve relationships. Invite contacts to connect through your website or blog.

  1. Join targeted groups

One of the key features of LinkedIn is groups. More than 1.5 million groups are formed on LinkedIn, and 81% of LinkedIn users are members of at least one of these groups.

There are many different groups on LinkedIn. Be almost certain that you can find the right group to share your articles with.

To find a group, click on the “Interests” tab and then select “Groups” in the menu that appears. Look for topics. LinkedIn also suggests several groups based on your profile and activities.

When you find the groups you are interested in, look at them first. Consider the number of members and activities. If it’s a public group, you can tell by the type of posts whether it benefits your business or not. Become a member of groups whose subject matter and concerns are real.

  1. Create a group related to your business

If you do not really find the right group for you or want a specific group for your customers or business partners, create a group for yourself.

It should be noted that if you want to choose this path, you must share the group information yourself at the beginning. In addition, in order to reduce spam in the group and to have a good space for discussion and exchange, you should develop clear rules for group members. From now on, be prepared to take the time to do these things.

Your business can use this group to create. This will increase the trust among your communication networks. In addition, you introduce yourself as a leader in your field who has been able to bring together like-minded people to exchange ideas and opinions.

  1. Partner with your communication network

Just like any other social network, the more participation you have, the more relationships you can build.

Use a question, statistic, or personal comment when linking to an article in your post. By doing so, you are giving a reason to comment, like or share the post with others. Be sure to thank someone when they comment on your update. Reply to comments to continue the conversation and build your relationship.

LinkedIn also has tools for creating polls. Use this opportunity to get more involved with your communications and group members. Create a poll to get people interested in your articles. For example, you could ask a small question that you answered in a blog or website post.

Also, participate in your group. The more involved you are in the group, the more likely you are to become a strong influencer. When you are the senior influencer of the group, more people will read your posts.

  1. Write engaging and engaging content

Of course, in order to buy traffic to your website, you need to write articles that are attractive to your LinkedIn network.

Generate content on the website that engages the visitor. For example, organize a contest and a lottery to motivate clicking. If you are a company with B2B services, set up a lottery in which one of your services will be offered to a number of participants for free. Put this post on LinkedIn. Many LinkedIn groups have a section called “Promotions” where businesses can offer discounts and special offers.

  1. Share blog posts with real people

You can send your messages to your communication network by using the possibility of sending messages through LinkedIn. Use this opportunity to send related articles to the real people you interact with.

For example, when you make a lottery offer on a blog, send a message to your network informing them.

Just like any other targeted email marketing campaign, personalize your message. Use the recipient of the email and give them a reason to click on the link. It is best to categorize emails. If you have a list of customers and a list of your colleagues, create separate emails to target each group.

You may not currently have the tools to generate newsletter emails on LinkedIn, but you can use LinkedIn to send periodic notifications to your contacts. The important thing is to be careful not to spam your network by overusing this feature. Submit article links directly to the people you contact. You can even share your blog or website link directly with the LinkedIn share button.

  1. Follow influencers on LinkedIn

There is a section called LinkedIn Influencers that allows you to find, follow, and learn from the best influencers in your field.

But how do you use influencers to drive traffic to your website?

Make a list of influencers to follow. Share their articles with your communication network. Although this does not provide direct traffic to your website, it does show you as a leader in your business to your followers. This will increase your reputation and build trust among your network members, which will ultimately generate targeted real human traffic to your website.

Contribute to influencer articles by commenting. Develop your network by putting smart messages in influencer articles. These are the most read articles on LinkedIn. As a result, by participating in them, your business will be better seen.

In addition, you can get ideas for your next posts from popular influencers posts. Click on the main posts as well. You can introduce the main post using “Shot Out”

For example, if you work in the field of social media marketing, you can follow Guy Kawasaki and when you see an article from this person about your business, contribute to it by writing a relevant comment.

  1. Do not forget the share button on LinkedIn

And as a final point, we recommend that you have a LinkedIn share button for your website or blog posts.

This button makes it easier for readers to share your post with their network. In addition, the share button makes it easy to place posts in groups. You actually hit multiple targets with one arrow.

If you use the buttons to share, be sure to visit LinkedIn throughout the day to answer any questions and questions you may have. You can also use the share button to send direct LinkedIn emails. 


Professional businesses use LinkedIn. Build effective networks for yourself by making effective connections. Join and participate in the right groups. Share your related information as well. Finally, you can use these ten tricks to increase your website traffic. Keep in mind that most LinkedIn users are experts in their field. As a result, traffic from LinkedIn to your website can be much more efficient than other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

 What do you think about this? Do you use LinkedIn to expand your communication network? Do you use it to increase your internet business traffic? We are happy for you to share your tips and opinions with us and others.