How to attract targeted US website traffic to the site? For these purposes, you can resort to countless solutions. There are many effective tools to increase traffic to web resources. What does it mean to deserve attention? How to check the rest of the traffic that can go to the site? We will talk about this in our article.

Search engines

As practice shows, the most presence is observed in sites that are in the first row according to search engine search results. For this reason, web property owners tend to increase their rankings. How to attract traffic? The “white” methods of website advertising are saved here. We’re talking about putting unique, high-quality content on pages that really engages users. Proper placement in keyword texts is also not very important.

Naturally, the use of the above solutions does not make the site rank first in a week according to the results of user queries in search engines. However, as soon as this happens, no “black” way to optimize web resources can take it away. Therefore, real organic website traffic from search engines gradually begins to circulate.

Guest posts

How to attract traffic? A good free method is to search the web for a similar topic. Once you find such sites, just contact their owners. The latter is invited to share content. In one of the articles posted on an external site, you must specify a source for your source. The third party site owner follows a similar plan. Therefore, some kind of traffic exchange occurs.

Social Networks

Today, it is easy to say that every Internet user is registered in one of the popular social networks. People come to such sites for communication, information exchange and entertainment. Given the impressive visits to such resources, it turns out that they are a great place to attract potential visitors to your site.

  1. Theme Groups – All communities unite users according to their interests. Here you can publish interesting posts that contain confidential links to your own web source. At the same time, it is worth working with groups whose themes match the advertising site.
  2. Newsletter – Social media users can directly submit offers to visit a web resource, notifying them of updates, contests, and special offers.
  3. Links to Other People’s Posts – Sending messages below third-party posts that lead to the site is a relatively effective way to drive traffic.
  4. Special status – Linking to a personal page on a social network can interest users who are friends. Many of them can go to the address of an abandoned source and subsequently tell this to comrades.

Social network traffic can also be accessed using payment methods. We talk about advertising in communities whose content is in line with the direction of web resources. You can ask a person who has a significant number of subscribers to a social network to recommend visiting a site from friends.

Thematic forums

Forums are a very good site. Naturally, to prevent visitors from reacting negatively to such resources, you need to be firm, reckless and try not to break the rules of resources.

How to attract traffic through forums? To do this, you can do the following:

  • Post a link to your site in your personal profile.
  • Put a short ad from a web resource below each post.
  • Invite forum users to visit your site to get the information they need.


Blogging is one of the best solutions to attract users to the site. How to buy traffic for my blog? Just create an article page about the relevant source. The latter should always be full of interesting and high quality materials. It is recommended that the articles on the blog page match the topic of the web resource where the traffic is to be attracted.


Considering the ways of receiving traffic, it is worth adding a few words about such an effective way as infographics. Most users do not have the patience to read large texts. The method involves sending information to the site in the form of photos. A brief description can be attached to the latter. To create high quality infographics on the pages of a web resource, it is good to hire a professional designer. Only in this case, the content looks very attractive.

Offline advertising

If you have the budget, you can advertise your site in newspapers and magazines, public transportation, television and radio. As a result, the web resource name becomes familiar to a large number of people. Such ads may not be as expensive as they seem at first glance.

How to get traffic to affiliate programs?

Some people do not have their own website. However, they want to attract traffic to monetize affiliate programs. To benefit from such a solution, you must do the following: For starters, it’s worth it to sign up for an affiliate program and get promotional links. The latter should be posted on popular forums, question and answer service pages, sites with the most presence on social networks.

Free bulletin boards

How to attract traffic? The World Wide Web has a lot of advertising services with ads, which is visited by a large number of people every day. In such resources, you must create a personal profile. Then you need to periodically advertise, offer your site services or products. It is desirable that such posts be designed with brilliance and efficiency, which makes it possible to count on attracting maximum traffic.

Mutual reference

The method of attracting traffic under one article leads to another article. As a result, users do not leave web resources immediately after viewing their favorite content. Most likely, site visitors will search for other materials. The number of site references increases automatically. Therefore, the site ranks higher in search engines. It is better to deliberately post only the most exciting and useful articles on the site. A third-party source may be interested in their content, copy it on their personal pages, and provide a relevant link.

Gifts for site visitors

Internet users like to get something for free. To increase site traffic, sending messages on social networks and forums about holding competitions with prizes is enough. Let the gifts be the least important. However, the possibility of winning them certainly forces users to visit the site and understand the nature of the issue.

Opening a YouTube channel

To increase site traffic, it makes sense to submit your channel to the popular YouTube video service. First, you need to work on promoting it, presenting videos that can reach a large audience. When the number of channel subscribers increases significantly, it is worthwhile to offer them from an advertising site, and you offer everything in the form of unique ads. The service web address does not need to be displayed directly in the ads. A link to it can be found in the description below each movie.

Thematic mailing lists

There are special services where users can receive notifications, links and suggestions on topics of interest. To do this, one must agree to such a service. For example, a user is interested in sports or movies. He agrees to receive a weekly collection of related content published on individual sites. It has its own convenience. After all, one does not have to travel independently through various web pages to search for interesting articles. Naturally, the site owner who orders to participate in a thematic newsletter also benefits. In this case, users are provided with regular links and sites use the desired traffic.

Control the amount of incoming traffic

How to track the rest of the traffic and maintain site traffic statistics? For this purpose, a special counter must be created in the web resource system that automatically monitors the number of visits to the site. There are several services that offer similar services. Among the most reputable traffic are:

Target traffic – definition and example

So targeted traffic is a flow of visitors who may be really interested in what you are offering on the site / landing. Why is it important to target traffic? I will give you an example immediately to better understand this issue.

Let’s say I have a website. Or not even with me, but simply with some blogger. A site with the theme of web technologies, site creation, etc. This site hosts articles, possibly movies and other content. But sooner or later, the webmaster decides to make money on the site. There are many options for earning money, you can even guess what he will do (place a banner, start advertising some paid courses and affiliate programs, link to text ads, etc.).

This is all well and good, but let’s face it – if people come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Even if the flow of such people is very high, it is difficult to make serious money for them, because this audience is not the target of the project.

Buy traffic

Buy website traffic method involves organizing a special advertising campaign that is distributed for a certain amount on popular sites. This method helps to systematically attract new users to their web resources. There are several formats that can be used to build an advertising campaign:

  1. Banners – are graphic blocks that are installed at a separate cost on different sites. You can buy them both on well-developed websites and on social networks.
  2. Text ads – usually appear as content-related text messages on specific pages of advanced sites. This method of buying traffic is very expensive. To order text ads, you need to refer to the services of popular search engines such as Yandex and Google.
  3. Pop-up ads are ads that appear randomly in parts of web pages.
  4. Teaser ads – graphic blocks with the clearest and most interactive content. Often the relevant text is added to the deceptive image, which makes the user want to make a click leading to the site.

Targeted Email newsletters

Links to your personal web resource can be sent to custom email addresses. The latter can be purchased or obtained with the consent of the owners of advertising sites where a large number of users are registered. Of course, sending by letter is not just a bare link. This message should be in the form of information about future promotions, contests, special offers, discounts.