Are Blog Comments Useless for Link Building?


I do not know at all whether this comment on the site or the comments that people make in my SEO site is effective or not!?

  • They say it has an effect, but how much does it have an effect? Is it enough for me to sit down and comment on my site with different IPs or not?
  • In general, it is good to have a comment on the site; It is known, but I want to know, for example, if a product or article of mine has a general comment below it, maybe because of this issue, the first Google links will come ??

The effect of comments on SEO

In this series of SEO training articles, this time we intend to address the issue of commenting and the importance of having software comments under your posts and products.

Comment is generally a positive thing in the site space, and if we want to think about the effectiveness of the comment away from the technical SEO discussions, we will definitely find that when people want to connect to a site, this website does its job. Done right. In the space of social networks, having a comment is considered as a kind of credibility of a page.

So, the subject of the comment cannot be considered insignificant in any way.

But regarding the answers to the above questions, I suggest you read these sections carefully to reach a definite conclusion and understand the amazing impact of comments on SEO.

How Comments Impact Your SEO

The first issue that is important in the impact of comments on SEO is determined from the perspective of content and on page. Google understands the content of your comments and imagine a site that has received 300-word comments on the content of the page; How much can it increase website traffic the page content focus on the keyword?

Another point in this content addition to the page is the step-by-step additions.

This means that your page is constantly updated, and this makes Google look good on this page. Now imagine that your article has received 100 real comments with 1 line (average) content, and naturally you will also respond to the comments of those people.

How much it can improve the content power of your page!

Having a comment is a sign of having user-centric content within the site!

Another point that is very important in the impact of comments on SEO is the message that each comment gives to Google.

Comment marketing and its amazing impact on SEO

Write your content in a way that is challenging for the audience. This is a famous phrase that many of the world’s great webmasters say to their site authors to attract more organic traffic through content. Challenging the audience through content is one of the practical techniques of SEO improvement that we intend to analyze in this article. Stay with us.

What is Comment Marketing?

As we have said many times before, good content is the key to a website in attracting traffic. If you want to improve your SEO, our best suggestion is to focus more on the content of your site. But what content can drive more traffic to your site?

Content that engages the audience can be the starting point for a comment marketing technique for your website. Comment marketing is a technique that can improve your SEO by attracting the audience through the comments of a content. User satisfaction with the content of a site is very important to Google. In fact, Google gives a site a rating that users are satisfied with that site and also express their satisfaction by posting positive comments.

Solutions for Implementing Comment Marketing Techniques

Writing practical and quality content: Naturally, as long as there is no content, there will be no challenge and discussion from users, so the first and most important step in implementing the comment marketing technique is to produce valuable, useful, user-friendly and challenging content.

Invite users to participate in the discussion: In the second step of implementing the comment marketing technique, you should write your content in such a way that the user feels in some parts of your article that he should ask you a question for a better understanding. You can also mention this issue in your text, if it is not easy for you to understand this article, you can ask us your questions in the comments section of this article. Also reassure them that you will answer their questions fully and leave no ambiguity.

Discover new topics: If you find a topic for which there is no similar example, your job will be much easier to implement a comment marketing strategy. When you are the only provider of content on a new topic, the user is persuaded to ask you a question for more information and there is no other solution. This technique is very effective in attracting and increase real human website traffic and improving SEO.

Maintain user respect: Comments are not always the answer or praise. Sometimes they can be critical and annoying. If someone makes a critical comment and opposes your post, try to respond politely and intelligently highlight their strengths.

Principles of implementation (Comet programming): It is better for users to register their comments under the content with a photo and full name, and other users besides the site administrator can also answer and participate in other users’ questions and answers. The ability of icons to be liked (liked), disliked (disliked), display date and number of comments is very effective in encouraging users to participate in the comment. The comment section should have a good graphic appearance to attract users. And the ability to define sending emails or SMS to inform the user should be considered. In the text that is sent to the user, the brand name and the page link of the content that has been questioned and answered must be considered.

Amazing impact of comments on SEO

If you have a store website or you have taken over the store site SEO, read this part of the article more carefully.

In store sites, one of the best ways to implement a comment marketing strategy is to ask your users to come back to the site after purchasing a product from you and using it, and comment on the product. This will make the product more visible and if users are satisfied with the product and express it, other buyers’ confidence will be gained, and product sales will increase.

Key points in implementing the comment marketing technique

This amazing technique can have a positive effect on your SEO if it is implemented properly. Here are some key pointers in moving your marketing strategy forward:

Make sure the comment links are no-follow 

One of the most important things you should know in the successful implementation of the comment marketing technique is to not allow Internet users to use your site comments section for spam-like purposes. It lowers the page rank and damages the site ranking. So, make sure the comment links are no-follow.

Do not delay in answering users’ questions

: If you see comments with a delay, the user may go to other sites to get the answer to his question or even forget that he has asked you a question.

Give correct and accurate answers: 

Answer the comments in such a way that the audience gets the answer to the question completely.

Email users:

 When you respond to a user’s question or comment, by sending a message to their email address, you are directly informing them that you value their time and ambiguities. This interaction with your user is also considered very valuable to Google.

Use user ideas to generate content:

The questions that users post in the comments section can be the questions of many other people, by answering these questions properly and producing useful content in this area, you can get more users from Navigate to your site with new keywords and queries.

Comment marketing is one of the most important tools for user satisfaction and longevity. With this service, you can increase the number of your loyal users. Raya Pars Company will always help you to implement this tool and control the implementation of this service.

What is this message?

People tend to connect with the site and its content.

Now this comment is both negative and positive!

From 2018 onwards, the impact of comments on SEO has multiplied because Google, by using sophisticated algorithms, has gained the ability to validate websites in terms of being user centric. User behavior on a site and the messages that the user sends to Google, became very, very effective and important in determining the ranking of a site. Imagine a user enters site A and closes that site immediately; He then opens site B and stays there for half an hour.

This user behavior shows the high quality of content on site B, and if before this issue, site A had a higher ranking due to backlinks or any other SEO factor, it is time to give way to site B.

Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm deals with the same issues of user behavior, and having sites comment is one of the important factors for this algorithm, so when a user does not like a site, he most likely does not waste his time on it and quickly It comes out of it.

Now, when the same user stays on a page for, say, 10 minutes, he registers a comment at the end, which means that this site has been able to communicate with its users, and this means being user centric.

Just having positive comments is not so important in this discussion either, or as soon as you persuade a user to leave a comment, the job is done.

Most users of store sites must read the product comments!

The issue of having comments on store sites becomes much more important.

It must have happened to you that when you are going to buy a product, you take a look at people’s opinions in this section.

Even if their opinions are not important to you, reading the comments in this situation is interesting, and I myself have happened many times that I have been reading people’s opinions about a product for maybe more than 5 minutes in the comments section.

Some store sites have a comment team because, regardless of the importance of the comment in SEO, it can also be very effective in turning visitors into customers.

Also, in car review sites or even SEO training articles, there are cases in which I myself have paid special attention to people’s comments, especially on foreign sites. So, in addition to the positive points that we mentioned in the previous sections, the comments can make the user stay on your site longer.

Now let’s answer the first questions of the article:

I do not know at all whether this comment on the site or the comments that people make on my site is effective or not!?

Be sure to approve the comments on your site and be sure to respond to them so that other people will want to post their comments on your site.

If this issue becomes common in all posts on your site, after a few months you will realize it’s amazing and wonderful effect on your site.

They say it works, but how effective is it? Is it enough for me to sit down and comment on my site with different IPs or not?

Well, I think the answer to this question has already been given.

But in terms of commenting on yourself, I must say that it is a very good job and it is better to open the way for other people with a few comments for each of your first articles. The point that is very important in this case is the negative comments.

Be sure to generate negative comments yourself because these comments are very encouraging to respond to other people and biased comments work on a very good topic.

There are people who, if you have seen them, criticize another method in the comments, and these can also mobilize the fans of other methods or other products that are related to them.

And this routine makes your site generally rich in terms of comments.

  • In general, it is good to have a comment on the site; It is known, but I want to know, for example, if a product or article of mine has a general comment below it, maybe because of this issue, the first Google links will come ??

But about the last question, can a comment alone cause a site to WordPress SEO!? Well, you probably know and needless to say that SEO does not work with a single factor, but I can say that if your content and site have the basics and the competition is moderate, a lot of comments alone can be very significant. Increase your site ranking.

Comments are better if they do not remove the link from the site (do not use links) and well, the comments were very good and definitely not worth as much as the comments that someone came up on a topic and said a few lines of opinion.

Last point: 

As a final point, let me tell you that if you do not generate any comments for the pages yourself, you are much less likely to get a comment, and this has been proven psychologically.

People who reach the stage of branding and recognition have a different flow with you and not everyone wants to appear on unfamiliar sites. Now, how to get more comments on your site, it’s back to your creativity and you can use many different techniques in this regard.