Customer Feedback: Best Times to Get More Feedbacks From Customers

Every business, especially online businesses, needs customer feedback to thrive. But how and when are this feedbacks applicable? Stay tuned to admin for a quick look at this topic.

Today, customer feedback has found a very special place among employers and business owners compared to the past. This magical helping element should not be neglected in any way. It can be said that customers are one of the most valuable assets of any company. In fact, no matter how small or large your business is, you can never run a business without customers. Customer satisfaction is always a very important parameter to evaluate your activity and your success in providing any goods and services, But the best way to find out which of your features works for your customers and which doesn’t is the best way to gather accurate feedback. In this article, in addition to emphasizing the importance of receiving feedback from customers, we intend to point out the best times to get feedback.

There are various ways to collect feedback from customers, the most important of which are to create a poll post or story on Instagram and other social networks, live chat on the site, contact customers, send a survey SMS, IVR, etc. ; But you should know that there are many users who break up with you and your business without expressing their opinion, and this is the highest price you pay for not knowing your users’ comments and feedback. So, before you do anything else in your business, it is better to pay attention to the fact that the opinion of users is much more important than you think.

Customer feedback can help you improve your product or service. In fact, it is the listening of the customers that gives you the assurance that the product or service you offer is really in line with their interests. Customer feedback is more important because customers are usually very critical when giving feedback and somehow want to express their frustrations with you. A professional business owner should be aware that resolving cash flow through customer feedback can be the key to selling more and improving service. Customer feedback usually gives you the assurance that the end product is exactly what the customer needs and solves a problem.

Although it is possible to collect feedback at any time, and if you do not collect it, you may not be very successful, but it is important to know that companies and firms need customer feedback at times in order to achieve clear and accurate results. Collect correctly and calculated. That’s why different businesses and businesses should consider when it will give them the best results in terms of customer feedback, and this should be done based on what services and products they offer. 

The best time to get more feedback from customers

Depending on the product or service offered by a business, the best time to get customer feedback is when your business is changing, adding new services, or deleting one that already serves your customers. It’s one of the best times to get feedback from customers. Below are a few different times to determine when is the best time to get feedback from customers.

Before we get into this and describe the 8 best times to get this feedback, it’s best to say that this marketing technique works for both traditional and Internet businesses, but since it’s an intelligent way to gather data, Certainly the final feedback of this technique will be much more noticeable in all types of targeted mobile marketing.

  1. Immediately after purchase

In the case of some goods and services, it is best to ask for their opinion and feedback immediately after the customer has made their purchase, especially in the case of online purchases, which provides valuable data to business owners. For example, in the case of clothing stores, when a customer wears a dress to see if it is good or not, he first measures the fabric and its material, as well as the beauty of the garment on his body, and then buys the garment. At this stage, customers can be asked if they were satisfied with their purchase. This can give you a good set of data to forecast sales in the long run and can even help you know which product is most popular with customers and will sell you more.

But the above example is for a traditional type of business. The same is true of online stores, which also apply to websites or online software that act as an intermediary between the customer and the actual product. A messaging system can also be used to collect customer feedback. In such a way that immediately after the customer has made their purchase, their mobile phone will be texted whether they are satisfied with their purchase or not, or instead of being asked directly, they can be used by placing a link in Inside the message, which leads to a survey website, conducted a survey and was informed of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

An interesting and well-known example of this is apps like Snap food or similar apps for buying food or food products. If you have experience in buying and using these apps, you must have realized that after registering an order and receiving it, you can quickly buy your opinion about it and specifically tell that store or restaurant. Large companies usually avoid forcing users to comment and encourage them to do so. The same is true of Internet taxis. You can take part in the relevant poll as soon as the end of a trip by these taxis.

  1. Several weeks after purchase

Sometimes it is better to wait for a few days or even a few weeks after the customer to record customer feedback and then proceed to collect their feedback. In many cases, such as goods whose quality is determined at the time of use, customers need to use your product or service for several days so that they can have their say after experiencing it. For example, when you provide Internet service for your home from an Internet website traffic service provider, after a few weeks you may be sent an email or even an SMS with a survey link that you can use to refer to the experience. Enter these services. Of course, the reason for sending this email late about Internet service is that the user can use the service for several weeks and evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages.

It is also not sensible to comment on online stores immediately after purchase, because when a customer buys a product from these stores, he has not received anything at first and can only write his shopping experience in his feedback, but if several days pass. And the product reaches the customer and uses it. The real opinion of the consumer can be checked from the product or the performance of the online store in sending it.

  1. When canceling a purchase

It has been seen in many online stores that after the purchase is canceled by the customers, a page with several questions will appear for the customers. Usually, in these pages, the customer is asked to state one of the options given as the reason for not buying. This may not seem like a big deal to some businesses, but the impact it can have on subsequent sales is indescribable. The purpose of such a thing is to understand the reason for customers to cancel the order. Knowing why customers have made the purchase but suddenly changed their mind can save you from a catastrophe and also provide a way to improve and improve. Many stores have never realized their mistakes and users’ reasons for canceling orders because of ignoring such a thing, and this has led to the bankruptcy of many of them. 

  1. Before and after the introduction of changes and updates

Making changes and renovations to some parts of any business is an integral part that, if not done, will prevent progress. Asking users for feedback before making changes to find out what customers think about that change or update can be a great idea. In addition, it helps businesses better understand and meet the needs and requirements of their customers. It can be said that asking customers’ opinions before and after any changes and updates gives them a sense of how important and valuable they are to the brand in question, and after a short time they gain the trust of the businesses that use this strategy. will be.

  1. When talking live with customers

Many websites and online stores have a live chat or online chat section with customers. In addition to increasing your support for your services, these tools can also be a tool for getting feedback from customers. For example, when a customer asks you a question in the online chat section, you can use automated feedback tools. So that the customer participates in a short survey after receiving his answer.

  1. After advertising campaigns

Most businesses hold events such as a competition or an election to stay relevant to their goods and services. In addition, such campaigns are a very smart way to promote their brand as well as bring in more customers. It is a very practical and appropriate idea to receive customer feedback right after the end of marketing campaigns with the help of a simple form.

Through these types of campaigns, businesses can easily find out what their customers think about their product, accessibility, and relevance. This will allow the company or business to grow more on the basis of customer opinion, and thus access to goods or services will be possible for a wide range of people.

  1. When customers no longer use your product or service

Many businesses do not consider this option very important, but it is interesting to know that one of the best times to get feedback from customers is when they refuse to continue buying from you or do not prefer your services to other service providers. With the help of special software that has questionnaires and survey forms for customers, businesses can collect very useful opinions about what they have not done for their customers. Companies can work on these weaknesses and improve them to attract more customers in the future; Therefore, using customer feedback at this stage can be considered as a lifeline for failing businesses.

In this regard, intelligent systems and software have been provided that allow businesses to monitor their customers’ businesses through automation and identify people from whom they have not bought for a long time, and easily categorize these people, a message with Send them feedback and polls to not only give them a reminder but also to find the reason or reasons that led customers to buy from that store and seek to fix it.

  1. When customers come to you in person

Most customers prefer face-to-face shopping when they do not want to buy from you online. In this case, you can set up a feedback box in your office or physical questionnaires to ask your customers to comment on the product you have sold to them or even ask how to sell the product. Rest assured that reading these questionnaires is not without merit and can help a lot in improving your business.

Is all traffic equal?

Before we begin, I just want to remind you that not all traffic on your website is equal. You want high quality Mobile web traffic. High-quality traffic that is laser targeted is going to generate a better ROI than traffic that is not. Customer feedback can change the situation in favor of companies and businesses and play a very important role in customer satisfaction in the future business of businesses. However, choosing the best possible time to gather this valuable feedback is one of the most important points that need to be considered. With the help of feedback collection software and other tools in this field, businesses with any structure can collect very useful data and analysis about customer satisfaction. Solving problems for businesses becomes many times easier by conducting surveys and receiving feedback from customers. High traffic numbers can be a great thing, but if the traffic isn’t targeted, the numbers are just vanity metrics. This is something to keep in mind as we explore the topic of increasing traffic to your site