A Creative but Simple Way to Boost Website Traffic – How to Get International Blog Traffic

Increasing site traffic and consequently increasing site ranking is one of the biggest concerns of site owners. In this article, we will teach you the most important and principled strategies for success in this field from the admin site, and we will tell you the valuable points that will help you in this direction.

Starting a website is actually the first step and probably the most important step of an online business or an online startup to succeed and thrive. But to be successful, you need to make sure your website is visible. When this discussion is in the middle, it means that we are talking about visiting or so-called website traffic. This is the first concern and desire of any online business owner who can increase their website traffic in various ways and ultimately increase the ranking of their site.

What exactly does it mean to get website traffic?

Before starting this topic, it is better to be fully acquainted with the basics of traffic discussion and site visits. In a very simple explanation that anyone can recite it, we can say that gaining site traffic or traffic means when visitors and users enter your site. Each entry equals one visit. But each entry does not mean more than one visit. Visits are usually counted based on users’ IPs, and the main criterion for rankings is based on the same daily count.

By the way, these are not the only internet users that increase your site traffic; There are other robots and online tools that make such visits. This very simple definition, with its deceptive appearance, has caused a very common mistake to be made by today’s webmasters. Most of these people, even the most experienced people, put all their focus and energy in order to “earn a visit”. But as we have said many times, in the discussion of online marketing, quantity will never take precedence over quality. This mindset that most webmasters are involved with is just a matter of attracting “visitors” and not “real visitors”, and this is why the ongoing efforts of these people do not work as well as they should.

With that said, your main focus should not just be on the number of hits, but on the conversion rate. Of course, the more views you get, the better your chances of getting a conversion rate. In terms of online marketing, conversion rate or Conversion Rate conversion rate of users and visitors to the customer is said to be normal. So, all you have to do is focus on that. Otherwise, even if you have millions of views, there will be no benefit for you. Unless you are using a visitor to get the show order only.

Therefore, the issue before us is this; How can we make our website more attractive to visitors? In the following, we will deal with this issue and we will examine the appropriate strategies for researching this case.

What does increase site rank have to do with increasing site traffic?

After getting acquainted with the topic of site traffic and traffic, it is better to get acquainted with the topic of site ranking, another related topic that is very important to know. Although site rank is precisely related to site traffic and traffic; But the factors that increase the site ranking may not necessarily play a role in increasing site traffic.

You can greatly improve the ranking of your site by creating a suitable bed and earning daily visits. But since site ranking is a bit more complicated, you should consider other things besides the issues mentioned about increasing website traffic. In the following, and in the various sections mentioned in this article, methods for improving both are discussed.

As mentioned, the traffic sent to your website can be from human or robotic visitors. One of the most important bots that do this is Google’s well- known bots and algorithms that enter sites to review and analyze sites and rankings. Google is not the only source of these bots, and therefore among these bots, there is also malware to steal information or destroy parts of a site. This is why site security is one of the most important topics in internet marketing. 

Some site owners think that they have secured the site by clearing the issue and blocking bots from accessing the site. However, this will block the access of all bots, including Google bots, to the site, and as a result, the site will be removed from the ranking review list, and no rank will be included in that site. Make sure you do not make this mistake.

Sources of incoming traffic

If you, as an online business owner, have a good understanding of what the traffic channels are and how people visit your site, with much better ability and knowledge you can expand these ways and drive a lot more traffic to your site. do. The traffic received by a website is direct and indirect. Direct traffic includes items that users enter your site directly and through their own will. This can be done quickly by entering your site’s domain address in browsers or by clicking on your site link in one of the available resources. But indirect traffic makes up the bulk of a site’s traffic and includes a lot more.

The following is a list of some of the most important types of visits that are referred to as online marketing channels in online marketing:

  • Organic Website Traffic

Visits made directly through search engine results pages or visits made by users’ clicks on a link to your site in non-advertising sources are known as natural traffic. For example, Best Organic Traffic Services To Buy Online and if a user searches for a word on Google and your site is displayed as a relevant result and that user clicks on your site link, you will receive a completely normal visit.

  • Referral visits

If the link of one of the pages of your site is placed as a reference link in another site and users click on it, it means that you received a normal visit and the so-called referral visit. Google ranks organic visits better for ranking sites because they are driven directly by the quality of your site content.

  • Click Advertising Hits (Search Engine Advertising)

Views click advertising or Pay Per Click and other types of advertising, just the opposite of normal hits. In this case, the traffic generated for your site is received through click-through ads or other similar ads. Needless to say, these ads and these visits are paid, and you will receive certain visits for a certain amount.

  • Video ad hits

There is another type of advertising visit called Display Traffic, which exposes your site to various sources and extensive ad networks. Although these ads are not as effective as click-through ads, their exclusive point is that these ads are displayed to any category and any type of user who has visited the sites that contain your ads.

  • Visits from sales cooperation

There are also other types of hits as hits Affiliate or Affiliate Traffic has been named. In this type of traffic, any visit received through affiliate links , which can be provided by any service provider, is known as.

  • Social network visits

Social networks are one of the best places to share content. One of the applications of these networks for various businesses is to introduce their products and services in them. Visits that you earn through social media and clicks on content shared on these networks are known as social media visits.

  • Targeted Email Marketing

Another way to earn a visit is to visit the links sent in the emails to the users. By adding the links of the site pages in the text of the emails, the site traffic can be increased. Has high Email Open Rates.

How to get traffic to our website?

Now that you are familiar with the basic concepts of marketing channels, it’s best to get into the main discussion and explore ways to get traffic to your website. We have said before that visits to a website include natural or promotional visits. The following is a list of all the proven ways in both categories.

Methods of obtaining Organic traffic

In the first part, we will introduce the most important points and tutorials that increase natural visits. You do not need to spend a single rial to use these strategies and earn a visit through them. You just have to patiently and persistently implement these methods in a standard and principled way to see the right result.

  • Launch a proper SEO campaign

Whether we like it or not the search engine optimization or SEO is what can be the future of Internet commerce affect us too much. Proper and appropriate attention to this issue is equal to increasing the site’s traffic and ranking and ignoring it will mean an undoubted failure. The SEO debate these days is not something that can be ignored. The impact that SEO has on attracting visitors and visitors to your site is greater than the impact of any other type of advertising. So, if you apply this category correctly on your website and follow the principles of SEO well, you can register your site in the initial results of search engines without spending money and thus gain hundreds and thousands of daily visits. Do not forget that this way you bring organic visits to you and as we said before, natural visits have a much greater impact than unnatural and advertising visits. SEO is a vast and mysterious topic that is very difficult to master under normal circumstances. We strongly recommend that you see the comprehensive and specialized article on SEO to become professionally familiar with this topic and learn the important and effective tips to get the most out of it.

  • Improve the speed of your site

By optimizing the loading speed of the site, you increase the chances of more visits. When your site loads faster, users will be more satisfied with other pages of your site, and as a result, visits to other pages of your site will increase. Website speed optimization is also quite directly related to increasing site ranking, site security as well as SEO. To get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Site Speed , read the article “Increasing Site Speed and 23 Things You Need to Know About It”.

  • Produce credible and compelling content

Use a blog or a unique section for your site to publish content. Quality content is one of the things that will easily get you a lot of views. With good content, you will not only make your site a popular resource and get countless views through search engines or other references, but this valuable content will also bring regular users and visitors to your site.

Content is also one of the best ways to build a bridge with users and gain their trust. The main and first priority of users to choose a site is the reliability of that site. In addition, another benefit of content production is that if your content is of good quality, you can increase the click-through rate between pages with internal links in various content and easily help increase site visits and rankings. Also keep in mind that good content will always go hand in hand. Users are very interested in sharing their favorite content. So, if you have done well in this regard, a large number of other users and visitors will come to you without your intervention and effort and with the introduction of previous users. This type of traffic is also called the Autopilot method; Because in this case, you do not have to do anything special. Your quality content will do the trick. In a comprehensive and complete article in Management, we have specialized in the issue of content production and marketing, which we recommend that you do not miss reading it in any way.

  • Use video sharing networks like YouTube

If part of your activity is in the form of short or long video clips or you produce video and visual tutorials, then it is recommended that you do not neglect the topic of video marketing and be sure to go to video sharing networks such as YouTube. By posting your videos on these networks, you can get more views for your videos.

For This video encourage users to visit your site can only portion of the video (demo) as published on this site and link to the full version on its website published Lost in Details ( Description ) Video insert to Users are encouraged to click on it. You can also persuade users to visit your site with eloquent and encouraging tricks and by promoting the content, product or service that you have published on your site. Instructional videos are one of the most effective types of videos that can be used to send many more views to the site. 

  • Make the most of social media

These days, almost all Internet users, in turn, deal with social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are among the most popular and popular of these networks. Although access to Facebook and Twitter is a bit difficult due to issues related to the Iranian Internet, and also these networks have less audience than Instagram in Iran, but in any case, we should not ignore the numerous benefits that they have provided.

With these interpretations, these networks still have countless fans in Iran. Twitter, as one of these successful social networks, has provided good opportunities for businesses so that any business can increase the efficiency of their site through Twitter. The results show that the published tweets contain a lot of links on Twitter and the number of user clicks is also significant. So if you can write compelling content to tweet and retweet and promote your brand hashtags on this network, you have a very good chance of being seen. 

On the other hand, Facebook, as one of the oldest social networks and the most popular social network in the world today, is a good place for any small and large business to introduce themselves to the world. Although the current conditions for accessing Facebook in Iran are not well defined, there are still many users from Iran. Facebook traffic is a great way to give a brief overview of the products, services or anything else you want to share with others. Fortunately, it is possible to put a link in this network and you can put your website link in its posts and get a lot of traffic through it for your site.

LinkedIn is also one of the most popular social networks these days. The main difference between LinkedIn and other social networks is its audience. Usually, more than 90% of the network’s audience is professional and specialized people. This network is therefore one of the best places to introduce jobs and specialties. Reputable brands operate in this network and implement topics related to attracting their expert manpower with the help of LinkedIn. In general, it can be said that this network can be a good place to introduce your business to professional audiences. Therefore, its use to attract the attention of specific audiences is highly recommended. 

But in the US, we should consider Instagram the best social network now and open a special account on it. Of course, not being able to put links in Instagram posts has made things a little harder. But on the other hand, the ability to insert links in the stories is provided so that users can enter the link you want by dragging the page up in the stories. It is worth noting that such a feature is only active for business and open pages on Instagram, and personal pages do not have this feature.

However, Instagram is one of the busiest online networks due to its great popularity and popularity in the last few years, and with more than one billion active users worldwide. Instagram posts usually have a great impact on improving user relationships with the brand. For example, many reputable brands publish photos or videos of their team on their Instagram page, and often only post these images on this page to somehow tell users that this is a place for closer and more seamless communication.

Such a move has a surprising effect on gaining the attention and trust of users. You can also get closer to them and enjoy the benefits by posting such content on your Instagram or informing users about the latest developments in your business through daily stories. 

You can get a significant amount of natural and appropriate traffic by introducing your content, product or services to users through these communication channels and directing users to visit your site pages. Do not forget to include a link to your website in the biography section of these social networks.

Of course, since your competitors are not unemployed and are active in these networks, your job may be a little more difficult. But keep in mind that many other businesses do not have a specific knowledge of principled competition, and this is a good advantage for those of you who are currently reading this text. So with the tricks you learn, make sure you are ahead of thousands of other businesses.

Work on FAQ sites

One of the most attractive ways to attract traffic to your site is to use question and answer sites. This is one of the rare ways to do this and very few professional webmasters have followed it and through it have significantly increased their site traffic.

Question and answer sites, also known as knowledge sharing sites, are one of the most popular Internet sites with thousands upon thousands of users. The most popular of these sites are Quora.com or Subdomain Answers.Yahoo.com .

The operation of such sites is such that when a user has a problem or has questions to ask, he enters these sites and raises his question or request. Then other users can post it on that page if they have an answer. These questions are usually in the category of technical questions and in some cases specialized, many of which you may know the answer.

The point is, these questions are not just important to the questioner; Hundreds of other people who have that problem or question have been redirected to these sites by searching the internet, and in fact a large number of users are present on these pages. As a result, your site link can be displayed to many people.

Many webmasters on these sites are active for several hours during the day and in most cases, put their site link in the answers or create links related to users’ responses on their site and share them. Statistics show that the number of clicks of users from such links is very high.

There are many such sites in Iran. There are many discussion forums among Iranian sites and these sites can have the same ruling for you. Of course, we recommend that you do not engage in any unusual activity on these sites. Do not put your link in the posts for no reason, because you can easily be confused with a spammer and a profiteer advertiser. The general discussion of this solution is to guide users who answer questions or requests on your site. We have set up such a section in admin to create a suitable place to answer your questions, dear ones. You can enter this section of the admin site by clicking on the “Question and Answer” page link.

In this regard, there are other sites that offer similar services. Medium . com is a popular idea generation and sharing site. Thousands of people work on this site on a daily basis. Some of them are looking for entrepreneurial ideas and other similar ideas, and others are brainstorming. This will be a hotbed for someone like you to join these groups and participate in their discussions, not only to learn new ideas, but also to send content and readable content on this site and link to your main site. , Increase the credibility of your site significantly. Because Medium.com is a very reputable site and the links that are published through it will be very valuable.

The Reddit website is also one of the top popular sites in the world, covering a wide range of topics. Different news, practical tutorials, introduction and review of current issues and hundreds of other different topics that have made this site a perfect medium. Millions of users visit this website every day and share its contents with each other and get many questions and tutorials through it. This site is a very suitable platform for any online business model to help find suitable visitors for their site.

  • Get help from email marketing

Although targeted email marketing may seem like an old-fashioned topic, on the contrary, it is a good way to drive traffic to your site. Needless to say, if you are an online business owner and have not yet pursued email marketing, what a big mistake you have made! But it is never too late. Use this marketing to create an exclusive channel to attract your audience to not only increase your site traffic to a large scale, but also to promote and sell your products or services directly. But too much email marketing can make users tired of your brand name and officially become a spammer. Only send useful and limited offers this way to keep your brand identity strong and minimize the risk of being recognized as spam.

  • Update old content published on the website

This mindset that when you have completed and published an article and no longer need to review it in the future is one of the common mistakes of webmasters in the field of SEO and site optimization. Many of the content we publish has an expiration date and their value and credibility disappear after a while. Reviewing such content and updating it with the latest information can go a long way in increasing your site traffic. This not only keeps your content fresh and up to date, it also makes you look like a credible and reliable source to users. A business that pays a lot of attention to its nature and shows with its updates that its business activity is a profession.

In addition, such attention will help a lot in strengthening the SEO process of your site. In some cases, your published content may not be valid for updating. In this case, you can delete the desired content according to special circumstances and redirect its URL link to another updated content. This is exactly what we are looking at in another article on admin. We suggest you follow the important points.

  • Create quality infographics and slides

Infographics are one of the most popular methods of fast information transfer that have long been used in many fields. Over the years, infographics have made their way into the digital world and have become one of the main sources of information flow. Infographics are one of the best ways to attract 100% organic and direct traffic.

By creating and producing attractive and graphic infographics and publishing it on the web, you can double your chances of getting a high and organic visit. People are very interested in this type of images. Because in the shortest possible time, most possible information can be transferred through infographics. It is recommended to include watermarks and site addresses in infographics and to make them exclusive. Of course, you should not overdo it and put your watermark or brand logo wherever possible. This will reduce the overall quality of the infographics and reduce the value of your work.

Slideshows have a similar feature. Many brands and educational institutions have directed a large number of users to their site pages by working on slideshows and sharing them on the Internet. Especially the educational slides that many students are looking for. Create quality slides that contain useful information and share them on your site as well as related resources. There are many websites in this field, including the most famous one, which can be a good launching pad for your slides.

  • Hold online training courses

By offering targeted training courses, you are targeting users who are looking to learn these courses. There are always such people. So by creating a suitable training course and offering tempting suggestions, you can send a huge flood of visitors to your site. You can pay for these courses if you want; But in this case, you have to provide training that, firstly, does not exist elsewhere and, secondly, is so valuable and credible that users are even willing to pay for it.

Of course, such an issue will affect the attraction of visitors. So if your main goal is to get traffic and increase site traffic , it is better to provide important and practical tutorials to users for free to start. But the important thing for this issue is that you should take measures to hold these courses online and in full of the beginning to the end on your website. By doing this, you will not only persuade users to visit your site and receive a lot of traffic in return, but you will also greatly reduce your bounce rate. Webinars are an example of this type of course.

  • Open a special account on the mobile version of your site

These days, every active Internet user has a smart phone, and according to various statistics and results, more than 70% of websites are loaded through mobile browsers. Even if you need to borrow to design a responsive version of your site, do it! Count on and plan for the visits that mobile users can receive for you.

A good design that displays well and without problems in today’s mobile phones, will certainly be one of the most important factors in your success in getting more traffic and site traffic targeted mobile traffic offering is the perfect way to reach folks on the go.  This iOS and Android-driven traffic can be further targeted via category to really home in on your desired audience.  You select the quantity and timing of the traffic and then kick back and let us do the work for you. You can use the Google Page Insight Tool to find out if your site is Mobile Friendly by Google standards. According to a widespread discussion because mobile marketing has made this title (Marketing With Mobile or Mobile Marketing ) argument is very critical.

  • Set upa CDN system on your site

This application network speeds up access to your site resources by several steps. As a result, users from anywhere in the world who want to enter your site will be able to access its content much faster. This will satisfy both users and search engines.

  • Use browsercaching tools

Depending on the type of content management system, it is possible to use a feature called Caching which has a great impact on collecting and providing information to the user quickly. Using this method speeds up access to your site information for users and their browsers, so that users do not have to reload files and information when re-visiting your site. Therefore, the speed of your site will increase for these people and the increase of site traffic will be much easier and faster. Plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache have been released for WordPress , which are recommended for this purpose.

  • Ability to send guest posts and exchange links on your site

One of the most useful features to increase the site ranking is the use of guest posting system. By doing this, you can create conditions for your users to submit content. If this content is of acceptable quality, you can allow it to be published, and you can delete it if you do not want to. This can help you increase your site rank and traffic without your intervention. Try to ask people with experience and friends and people around you to send you guest posts if they have useful information.

Also, with the participation of colleagues, in exchange for submitting specialized content in the field in which you are skilled, ask them to exchange material in the field in which they are skilled. It is worth mentioning that link exchange is also one of the free and profitable ways to attract mutual visits. You can exchange links with similar or partner sites so that both you and the other site can visit.

  • Plan on long keywords

Keywords are items that need to be chosen very carefully. Normally it is recommended to choose central and short keywords so that we can be present in the results in a wider range of words. But that does not mean long keywords are useless! Conversely, in many cases these are the long keywords that will reach you. The best reason to use long keywords is to compete less on them. This means that you will be much more likely to be seen in long keywords and you will be able to get multiple and real hits through them.

  • Take the comments section of the site seriously

The comments section of the sites is an important and effective part in converting ordinary users to regular users. If you have visitors to your site and answer their concerns and questions through the comments section, you will gain their trust and make regular visits for yourself. On the contrary, ignoring the comments and requests of users causes many of them to be discouraged from visiting your site and do not want to visit your site again. It is also recommended to be in the comments section of other sites. By posting positive comments and supporting colleagues, you will make them credible not only to the owners of these sites, but also to their users

  • Constantly analyze your competitors

Analyzing competitors’ work patterns is an important way to explore gaps as well as find the right ideas. This does not in any way imply imitation of other sites; Rather, the goal is to model and analyze. If you do this correctly, you can find important and valuable resources that other sites use, and you can benefit from the information of these resources. By doing this, you will also find new ways to increase the site ranking and also if you have a problem or shortcoming in your work system, you will find it much easier. 

  • Use online and practical tools

There are many tools and facilities on the web that can be used properly and in a timely manner to help improve your online business. Many of these tools help increase your site ranking directly by providing practical techniques and tricks. Some of these tools also provide you with solutions to optimize and increase site traffic. 

  • Check the status of site links and pages

Bad or broken links are one of the most important reasons for users to leave your site. When a visitor from another source enters the link of one of the pages of your site and encounters a 404 error, they will find the worst possible feeling to your site. Then the name of your site is associated with a weak and spam site in the minds of these people, and for this reason is enough to significantly reduce site traffic. Worse, Google and other search engines penalize sites that have these broken links.

So, if you have not been looking for old content and links to other pages of the site for a while, look at them. Fortunately, good tools have been developed to help you automatically detect broken links. If your content management system is WordPress, you can also use plugins like Broken Link Checker .

Methods of earning money traffic

  • Use social media ads

Social networks can be used both for free and for money. Although the use of advertisements of these networks is not very common in Iran, but the audience of these advertisements can be thousands of Iranians. Facebook has revolutionized the world of online advertising by launching its proprietary advertising tool called Facebook Ads and related tool Pixel. On the other hand, the social network Instagram has also provided an interesting and different system from online advertising, through which it displays your advertisement and link to a certain number of active users in a targeted manner.

  • Use GooglePPC ads

By providing a comprehensive, integrated and highly functional tool, Google has made it possible to deliver your ads accurately to specific audiences. You can customize your ad with specific keywords for people who search for that keyword and easily order as many hits as you want and get those hits in no time. Google has also provided other types of similar ads to webmasters. For more information on “What is click advertising and how can we transform our business with it.