Reasons why your website will not sell

The fact that your site does not sell well depends on several factors, some of which are listed below.

  1. Your website has few visitors.
  2. Your website visitors that converts are not your target audience.
  3. Your product or service has not been introduced properly.
  4. Your product or service has a defect or problem.
  5. You did not market properly.
  6. Your website is not optimized for search engines.
  7. The sales process on your website is difficult or vague.
  8. Your website does not have a proper structure (appearance).
  9. And…

In order for your website to become an automated monetization system, you have to follow a number of things and plan for everything in advance, but if you do not currently earn or sell from your website, do not worry. There must be a reason, you must first find the root of the problem and then offer a suitable solution to solve it.

Here are some ways to increase sales on your website

Be honest in selling your products and services

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Continuous effort to achieve this goal easily makes you distance yourself from the more important goals. Another important point is that users and consumers also care about small businesses and prioritize them for providing more personalized services and the like. Under no circumstances should you try to play the role of portraying yourself as what you are not.

Use promotional plugins to get more clicks

Click advertising is one of the most important and effective methods of effective advertising. As the largest source of click-through advertising, Google has provided a good place for your ads with the help of AdWords system. A similar system is provided by the Bing search engine. This method of advertising has a great effect on gaining traffic and ranking for any website. But the point that webmasters pay less attention to is that you can also use ad extensions or Ad Extensions to make your ads more targeted.

Such plugins help you to dedicate more space from the search engine results list to your ad and ultimately get more click-through rates. These plugins are offered as a suggested package along with click-through ads and their use does not include a separate cost. With the help of such a system, you will be able to display more links as advertisements.

Exhibit user satisfaction and your customers’ trust

Never before has customer feedback and feedback on your products and services been so important. Because these days you can connect with hundreds and thousands of users through social networks in a fraction of a second. Fortunately, this feature makes your satisfied customers one of your most powerful tools to increase the popularity and ranking of your brand and business globally.

Use momentary and limited suggestions

One way to persuade users and customers is to use instant offers or special offers, which in internet marketing is also referred to as emergency offers. In this type of offer, which should be visible on the main page of your website and in a very clear part, you should offer instant offers of your products or services.

Guarantee unconditional refund and include the condition in your sale

It may not seem like it, but in many cases, the only reason customers do buy website traffic is the lack of a purchase guarantee. Most internet users still find online shopping risky. In this case, in most cases, users cancel their purchase due to the lack of a valid warranty. Certainly, the first reason for this fear and distrust and not accepting the risk of buying because of the financial issue and the possible risk of losing money

Reduce the range of similar products

Of course, offering more products in different fields is one of the ways to increase sales. But this is not appropriate in all cases. In fact, in many cases offering more product can have the opposite effect. Given this, if you have too many similar models of a product, this can easily confuse the buyer and the inability to choose a suitable one from this wide range of products, which may eventually lead to Reduce

Find targeted customers with the help of Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences system

The best thing a particular business or store can do is to expand its regular customers in a variety of ways and target with the best traffic sources increase your sales other users and customers who have the potential to become one. Facebook will help you with this. You can find potential and targeted customers using the Lookalike Audiences tool of this social network.

Reduce the complexity of the ordering and payment process as much as possible

According to Business Insider, an amount of over 4 trillion dollars was left in the shopping carts of Internet users in 2020, of which 63% of this amount was reusable! These incredible figures prove that people do not get bored of the complicated online shopping processes and quickly give up their shopping. Considering this issue, it should be said that one of the most important reasons for the decrease in online sales of a website or online store is the same buying process that many Iranian websites are currently struggling with.

Increase payment methods as much as possible

Another important reason for choosing or not choosing an online store for purchase by users is the payment methods of that store. Keep in mind that although almost all financial transfers these days are made by credit card, there is still a significant percentage of users who prefer cash on-site payments to other types of payments.

Provide quality images for your products

The appearance of a product is directly related to our understanding of the quality of that product. Showing an ideal image of the products not only makes the clarity and decision better and more comparable, but in itself is a fascinating item, if it can be displayed 

Worried about the low conversion rate of your online store?

You may be wondering:

Why sometimes, despite the high number of visits to the site, a small number of users buy from your online store?

What information are you looking for?

If you are looking for a way to regain your lost customers or increase sales in your online store, you can use the tips in this article to find the bug places of your online store and by fixing those shortcomings, sales and Increase the profitability of your site many times over.

What is the conversion rate?

What is the acceptable e-commerce conversion rate for an online store?

Conversion occurs when a visitor to the site performs a specified action (this action can be product purchase, subscription to the site newsletter, or any other action you intend.

The conversion rate is the total percentage of visitors who have done that operation.

Conversion rates in e-commerce are commonly defined as “adding a product to the cart, completing a payment, or storing a product for future purchase.”

So, what is the appropriate conversion rate?

Like many of these statistical data, the optimal conversion rate for an online store depends on the type of business and the store site because the conversion rate rankings are very variable.

For example, data Monette to the conversion rate of 2020 show that average conversion rate ” add product to cart ” around 9.03 percent.  

But as you can see in the table below, this value varies greatly depending on the location as well as the device used by the user.

  • Word Streamdata, on the other hand, shows that the overall conversion rate is 2.35%. 
  • However, 25% of the top companies and online stores have a conversion rate of 5.31%, and 10% of the top brands have a conversion rate of 11.45%.
  • Obviously, given the current conversion rate of the online store, there is always room for improvement and increase the conversion rate.

Here are the reasons that can reduce the conversion rate:

The site view is not attractive to the user on the first visit

One of the common reasons for low conversion rates is:

Landing page elements and components are not attractive to users or worse, people are not able to find the data and information they want on the page.

If you have targeted high quality website traffic but a low conversion rate or a high bounce rate on the page where you expect users to stop and read it; There may be flaws in the design and appearance of the page that need to be addressed.

Here are the most common design problems that can cause low conversion rates:

important point:

Although being beautiful appearance is very important site usability so that users can easily find their desired content and do their practice is much more important.

Before starting to check the visual problems of the site, check the conversion rate statistics, the movement of users in different parts of the site, the escape rate and the conversion funnel  (shown in the image) in Analytics  to easily find the flawed pages.

Here are some of the most important visual problems that can reduce conversion rates:

  • Problem transfers:
  • Users should have easy and fast access to the most popular and most visited sections of the site.

Inappropriate filters and categories:

  • Users should not be confused by showing too many choices in the filters section.
  • On the other hand, visitors should be able to filter items to see only what is appropriate and appropriate to their needs.
  • So, pay more attention to the quality of the filters than to their quantity.

Poor search:

  • Make sure the search results are relevant to the items the user is looking for.
  • On the other hand, if visitors are not able to find a specific item, they will not be able to buy it.

Maintain user focus:

  • It is recommended that you delete the menu and column items on the right side of the page so that users can more easily focus on the page content.

An effective technique:

  • At different intervals, change the appearance of the home page to keep the user interested.

For example, you can change the design of the site in different seasons of the year.

  • You do not know your target audience.

One of the important issues is to know the customers and users who have the potential to buy from you.

If you do not market to the right people, sales will result in lower conversion rates.

Therefore, recognizing the needs of buyers is one of the key issues in e-commerce. In this regard, paying attention to analytics data to study the behavior of users on the site and also analyzing social networks to see what users share can be very useful and helpful.

Pay attention to users’ online reviews as well as their interactions with your customer response center. All of this helps you to better understand the market so you can plan and execute your marketing more effectively.

When marketing on the persona is certain that belong to a category of your audience, do; You can expect a significant improvement in site conversion rate.

Ideally as Marketing Sherpa has stated:

In designing a successful marketing strategy, the goal is to attract each target audience according to their characteristics, not to apply a general technique to all audiences.

The site is not optimized.

Another option that should be considered in considering the factors of low sales and conversion rate is SEO or search engine optimization.

The purpose of SEO can be defined as follows:

“Review and optimize the content and pages of the site” in order to “improve the position of the site in the search engine results list” when users search for keywords related to the field of activity and content of the site.

The word ” related ” is very important. Because Google aims to show the most relevant results to the query.

 If the site is not displayed in the list of search results, the user will not enter the site through the search engine and therefore the site traffic will be low.

And if the person does not find the content and item they are looking for when visiting the site, the site conversion rate will decrease. Therefore, it is very important that SEO is done in the field of keywords related to the site so that only users who are looking for products in your online store and in other words can be considered your target audience to get to the site.

Research keywords and make sure the site is relevant to your users’ needs.

Golden Tip: If you have a WordPress site, you can use the Yoast SEO plug into get key SEO tips and eliminate the factors that cause low conversion rates.

Neglect of mobile phone users

Did you know that by 2020 there will be about 11 billion mobile devices in the world?

According to reports, today, users use targeted mobile traffic to find the products they want more than in the past, while the conversion rate of mobile phone users is still low. In fact, planning a marketing strategy based on the type of user device is essential, and the online store should be optimized for easier use by mobile device users.

  • Lack of users’ knowledge of products or their lack of interest

The product list page is where the user decides to buy and therefore it can be considered one of the most influential places on the online store.

The low quality level of the content in the product introduction pages and the lack of attraction of users who have the potential to buy through the content of these pages can be considered as other factors of the low conversion rate of the store.

Sellers must clearly state the characteristics of the product and their benefits.

It is also necessary to research the items that are more popular among buyers and put more numbers and variety of these popular goods for sale on the site.

The content that is written to introduce the product should present the features of the product completely and clearly and motivate the audience to buy it by stating the benefits of the product. (  We will examine the motivational content style in the continuation of this article)

Quality images of products

The higher the image quality of the product, the more likely it is to sell. Avoid inserting small, low-quality, blurred images, and instead place clear, attractive quality images in the store.

You can also use product videos to attract users.

It has been proven that videos can increase interactions, and naturally, the more user interactions and hours spent on the site, the more likely they are to become customers.

The contents of the site are not encouraging and convincing.

For best results, Smart Insights states that content writing should be informative, flawless, high quality writing, explanatory, encouraging and emotional.

Creating a passion for shopping is very important.

According to Robert Cialdini, there are six principles to encourage and convince people that by applying these six principles, people can be led to buy:

Reciprocity, authority, commitment and stability, social proof, need and desire. Use these principles to encourage and convince the user and increase the conversion rate.

Adjust the content to target the users mentioned in the second case.

Also, the product introduction content should contain powerful and motivating words to motivate the user to buy.

Examine the text for errors, ” especially spelling mistakes.”

 People pay attention to mistakes (even if they do not realize they are paying attention to them!) And typos can damage both your conversion rate and your brand reputation.

Existence of distraction factors on the page

Make sure the page focuses on your main offer, which means removing the bar on the right (which often includes menus from different sections of the site) from your shopping cart or landing page.

Use Analytics to find any factors that prevent the user from buying on your pages.

In Google Analytics, go to the Audience »Users Flow section and find a place where users stop shopping more on the site.

 Call-to-action unclear

Is the text of the CTA key displayed unambiguously and clearly?

If not, you may lose a lot of conversions.

It is a good idea to use only one key with clear text so that users can know without hesitation what to do next.

Of course, a good CTA is not limited to a good text.

The design and color of the key is also very important. If users can easily see the CTA key, it will be much easier for them to perform the desired action.

Buyers do not trust you!

There is no way to escape this fact: trust is the selling agent.  So, if you experience low conversion rates.

You can increase trust in the site by following these steps:

  • Avoid spam marketing.
  • The social proof to use as the actual users of the product show review
  • Prove your authenticity by displaying contact information (address and contact number of the office) and, if possible, displaying your team members.
  • Don’t miss the e-commerce trust symbols! In this way, users will be sure of the security of their bank account entry portal.

People have to pay for postage.

According to the Baymard Institute, about 61% of people cancel their purchases due to the high cost of postage.

If you charge the user for posting the goods, look for a way to make the process of sending the shipment to the user free of charge. If you have a free post, make sure users know about it.

For example, you can post and display free shipping on all pages of your site

The difficulty of the final purchase

Yahoo research shows that an average of two-thirds of online shoppers stop shopping, and 27% of users say that the complexity of the final shopping process was the reason for their stoppage.

Some ways to reduce the complexity of the buying process are:

  • Remove unnecessary items (as stated in paragraph 8).
  • Make sure buyers know exactly what stage of the purchase they are at all times.

For example, using a bar, show the purchase process (steps taken and steps remaining until the purchase is finalized) at any given time.

Remind users of what they are buying. Do this by ” display thumbnails of the purchased product in the shopping cart item list “.

Also display e-Trust symbols as well as postal information so that the user can be sure of their payment.

Golden tip:

Another way to prevent conversion rates from decreasing in the purchase process is to allow guest users to make purchases so that users can make their purchases without having to log in.

This is a very effective method. Then, after the user completes the purchase process, you can ask the user to save his information for his future purchases from the site. These data storage offers will most likely be accepted after completing an easy purchase.

You do not pay attention to the user’s desire to leave the site!

One way to overcome the low conversion rate is to make the right offer just before the user leaves the site.

  • exit intent technology is a great way to do this.
  • exit intent technology is aprocess that detects the user’s desire to leave the site and shows your offer to him just before he leaves the site.

An offer that can encourage him to be more present on the site.

For example, this offer could be a discount that is valid for a limited period of time.

There is strategy for re-marketing or re-targeting.

Re-marketing is an important part of the conversion process in e-commerce. By using this method, the attention of people who have left the site without making any purchase can be drawn back to the online store and products. Keep in mind that in most cases, users are not ready to pay and make a purchase in the first purchase process.

But how does this technique work?

Have you ever walked out of a site without buying and seen an ad from the same site on your Facebook sidebar?

According to Moz data, this is a type of re-marketing and is very effective and significantly increases both conversion rates and interactions.

Re-marketing methods include the following:

  • You can use targeted email marketing for re-marketing.
  • A list of the best-selling items related to the products that the user has visited can be displayed in a part of the screen.
  • Used pop-ups.

Improper tracking code function

When considering the reasons for low conversion rates, there is one external factor to consider: Google Analytics site tracking code

A sudden decrease in conversion rate can mean that the tracking code is not installed properly. Even if this code is installed correctly, it may need to be updated. Check this code and don’t forget to set it to check for micro conversions as well. (We will publish the method of this in a separate article soon.)

Your pricing strategies are flawed.

Did you know that according to Lemon stand reports, for 60% of people, “price” is the most important buying factor?

Therefore, one of the reasons for the low conversion rate of your online store can be the weakness of the pricing strategy of goods or services.

Lemon stand suggests increasing conversion rates by applying psychological techniques to product pricing.

Failure to send emails to stop user visits

If you do not send the release emails you will lose the conversion potential.

Conversely, if you send them just one hour after the user leaves the site, you can normally get them eager to buy high converting traffic them and return them to the site.

The first email, which is sent one hour after stopping to visit the site, should aim to resolve any major issues that interrupt the purchasing process, or in other words, make the purchasing process easier for the user.

The second email must be sent 24 hours after the user leaves the site and notifies the user that his shopping cart is expiring. The third email should be sent 48 hours after the user leaves the site and motivates him to complete the process of buying basket items. Combine this with the optimized final purchase we’ll cover in the twelfth so you can easily recover some of the lost conversions.

External factors

Sometimes it is not your actions that have caused the site to have a low conversion rate, but the main reasons for the unfavorable conversion are external factors.

Maybe one of your competitors has launched a product that has temporarily diverted users’ attention from your site to their site.

Monitoring competitors can reveal the reasons and ways to overcome some conversion reductions.

Some ways to do this are:

  • SetGoogle Alerts for your competitors.
  • Monitorcompetitors with tools such as SEMrush and Moz.
  • UseSimilarWeb.

These techniques include the following:

  • Stylish and convenient product packaging
  • Focus on the targeted traffic that converts
  • Put number 9 at the end of the product price instead of rendering and rounding it
  • Use small fonts to insert prices
  • Ensure that the price is short when reading its value

Now you know some of the effective factors in reducing the conversion rate and you are familiar with the methods of prevention and elimination. The time for action has come!