10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate


In previous digital marketing sessions, we said that this work consists of three main stages: online presence, supply, and optimization. After introducing the tips for online presence, we went into the marketing strategies and in the last few sessions we talked about some solutions, for example in the previous session of digital marketing, we talked about video marketing, its advantages and disadvantages, and examples of the most successful promotional videos. In this session, we want to provide an overview of the benefits of email marketing, which is one of the most effective and inexpensive digital marketing methods. One of the learning blocks of Teasel College is dedicated to email marketing. If you need to learn this skill, refer to the content in this block.

What are the important goals of email marketing?

Targeted Email marketing is one of the first digital marketing methods that has been welcomed by businesses since the introduction of the Internet to the world. Given that a large percentage of people around the world check their email at least once a day, using this tool is a great way to promote your business. This tool is used for different purposes, which can be divided into the following three categories:

  • Sending e-mails to promote business relationships with current or former customers and encourage them to continue this relationship
  • Send emails to gain new customers or convince existing customers of immediate purchases
  • Add your business ads to emails sent by other companies

Due to the cheapness of email marketing compared to other marketing methods, the possibility of targeting and personalization for the audience, flexibility, and measuring effective parameters, this method has attracted the attention of many businesses.

10 Valuable Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Easy to set up

 Implementing this method does not require a professional team. Using the tools and templates available for email marketing, you can easily create your email campaign with less time and cost than traditional advertising.

Depending on the subscriber data that they provided to you when you registered in the email list, it is possible to send targeted and parse the results. This way you can find out exactly who opened the email or clicked on the link. However, it is not possible to follow the performance of the audience with marketing on TV, radio, billboards, etc.

  • Expand customer relationships

 Email marketing is one of the ways that businesses continue to connect with former customers, attract new customers, and encourage inactive audiences to stay connected.

  • Ability to share

Subscribers can easily send emails to their friends and acquaintances with the click of a button, thereby introducing your brand to them.

  • easy access

 People all over the world have access to their e-mail in various ways such as computers, mobile, tablets, etc., and due to the wide range and ease of use of e-mail, this solution can facilitate your marketing.

  • Less cost and time

 Whether you set up an email marketing system yourself or a digital advertising agency does it for you, this method is very cheap and cost-effective compared to other marketing methods. In this way, it is possible to send thousands of emails with little time and energy.

  • High return on investment (ROI)

Due to the purposefulness of email marketing and access to the target audience, as well as the low cost of this method, the rate of return on investment is higher compared to other marketing methods. On average, you make $ 40 for every $ 1 spent on email marketing.

  • Ability to categorize email lists based on customers’ interests

In order to send emails to contacts who are interested in receiving emails, as well as to send emails related to the interests of subscribers, it is necessary to divide the list of emails. This classification is based on information collected from subscribers in a variety of ways, such as registration data, surveys, website behavior, and more. Targeted Email advertising will give your business many opportunities. This method has many advantages, some of which are presented below.

  • Customization capability

 By splitting the mailing list into smaller groups, you can send emails related to the interests of that section to each of your subscribers, thereby increasing the reopening and click-through rates of email campaigns.

  • The track (track)

Email marketing tools allow businesses to track metrics like open rate, click-through rate, and more. By analyzing the obtained results, it is possible to easily understand the problems in the campaign and try to solve the problems and optimize the campaign.

Email Open Rates: A Scientific, Step by Step Guide for 2020

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

  • Possibility of spam: Excessive sending of promotional emails and emails with content unrelated to subscribers will annoy the audience and they may spam your emails. This will damage the reputation of the business.
  • Unsolicited emails: Emails that are poorly designed or use spammy expressions in email titles and titles are filtered by the relevant software and not delivered to the audience. Also, because people may change their email address for a variety of reasons, the rate of undelivered emails will increase if the mailing list is not constantly updated; Therefore, to have a successful email campaign, pay special attention to the design and listing of emails.
  • Email Design Problems: Failure to display emails correctly on various devices such as mobile phones or tablets can cause annoyance to users, which can lead to deleting emails or unsubscribing. 

Of course, by considering some suitable tricks, the above problems and disadvantages can be solved. For example, sending emails with content tailored to each user will reduce the likelihood that your messages will be spammed by users. Below we will briefly explain some of the tricks that should be done for email marketing.

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Email Marketing Tricks

  • Spread mailing list: Split mailing list based on subscriber information.
  • Personalization: Sending emails related to each contact based on subscriber information.
  • Automation: Sending automatic emails in different situations.
  • Schedule Email: Send email at the right time to get the best results.
  • Frequency of sending emails: The intervals of sending emails to the audience should be appropriate so as not to upset users.

All the above tricks are fully explained in the email marketing learning block. See this block for information on how to do each of these tricks.

To accurately evaluate email marketing and ensure the success of this method, you should first become familiar with the terminology associated with this method and then follow these criteria. Here are some email marketing metrics.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Email Marketing

  • The opening rate (Open Rate = OR): the percentage of emails that are opened by recipients.
  • CTR (Click-through Rate = CTR): percentage of emails that were opened by the subscriber and the CTA link is clicked in them.
  • The convergence rate (Conversion Rate = CR): percentage of subscribers who clicked on the link, do the desired action campaign landing page.
  • ROI (Return on Investment = ROI): the ratio of email marketing profits at the expense of investment in this field. Sometimes this ratio is also expressed as a percentage.

100 * (Investing in emails / (Investing in emails – sales from emails))

  • Rate Unsubscribe (Unsubscribe Rate = UR): percentage of recipients who receive the email, click on the link to unsubscribe from the list of subscribers you are out.
  • Spam complaint rate (Spam Complaint Rate): percentage of recipients who received the e-mail, spam or junk click the button.
  • Skip rate (Bounce Rate): percentage of email addresses in the list of subscribers who have not received your message. There are two types of hard and soft jump rates (Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce). In Hard Bounce, the email address is incorrect and must be removed from the list immediately, and in Soft Bounce, it occurs due to temporary problems such as Inbox overload or server technical issues.
  • Rate of Delivery (Delivery Rate): the percentage of emails that are successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • The growth rate lists List (List Growth): increase the number of subscribers to a mailing list called the growth rate. Naturally, the number of subscribers decreases for various reasons, so you should make sure that the growth rate is always higher than the list reduction rate.

9 important tricks and features of a successful email


To be successful in email marketing, sent emails must have the following characteristics:

  • Creativity in graphic design

In order to get your audience’s attention, you need to use creative ideas in the design, graphics, and content of your emails. Using images, videos, GIFs and other attractive elements will make email marketing successful.

  • Relevant and relevant content of the email

The more relevant the content to your audience, the better your email marketing success.

  • Motivate the audience

In order to encourage users to open emails, click on links in emails and finally make purchases, you should use special offers such as discounts, free shipping and more.

  • Proper timing of emailing

The day and time of sending emails play a very important role in the reopening rate of emails. Research has shown that early and late weekends are not a good time to send emails. However, to know when to send emails, you need to know your audience.

  • Comprehensive and complete email content

 Most audiences want to receive new and comprehensive information not found in other sources. As a result, users may unsubscribe if they send duplicate or useless emails.

  • Appropriate headlines and titles

Use short, clear, and compelling headlines to get your audience’s attention and increase email reopening rates. Also, because most users take a quick look at the content of an email after opening it, they only pay attention to the headlines; So, use catchy and creative phrases to attract them.

  • Mobile email optimization design

 Since more than half of the recipients check their emails with their mobile phones, it is better to design the emails in such a way that there is no problem to display them on mobile phones. Targeted Mobile traffic through mobile devices is matter in 2020 and 2021.

  • CTA button is clear

 Most users are not interested in spending a lot of time reading emails, especially promotional emails, and want to know exactly what you expect them to do. As a result, you should place a large actionable (CTA) button in which you make your request in the part of the email that is visible to users.

  • Landing page suitable

 After clicking on the CTA button in the email, users will be taken to the landing page. Design the landing page to convince subscribers to do what you expect and increase convergence rates.

A / B testing in email marketing

 In order to achieve the best results in email marketing, we recommend using A / B testing. For example, email delivery time is very effective as a result of email marketing. To get the most effective email delivery time that results in the highest open rate and click-through rate, split your email list into two sections, sending part of the emails, for example, on Tuesday and the other part on Saturday. Then follow the indicators of both sections and run the group that gets the best results as the “winner” version in other campaigns.

Types of emails sent by businesses

  • Welcome: After registering each subscriber in the mailing list, it is better to send an email automatically to greet. This will show your attention to the audience.
  • Newsletter: Emails sent to subscribers to inform about new events and offers.
  • Receipt of purchase and e-mail Thank you: After purchasing the goods, it is better to send the receipt of purchase and also the receipt of the transportation of goods by e-mail. Also, thank them for their choice to buy.
  • Invitation: In case of holding a festival, conference, and Invite your subscribers to participate in the event by sending an email.
  • Congratulations on the occasion: Based on the information you have from your subscribers, for example, on their birthday or wedding anniversary, send them an email containing congratulations. You can also email them on holidays and special days of the year.
  • Reminder: If your subscribers have not been active for a long time and have not opened or clicked your emails, you can send emails to encourage them to reactivate in order to remind and keep in touch with the audience.
  • Poll: To get information and feedback from your customers about your products, services, website, emails, and questions, send them emails, and ask them to respond.
A variety of email marketing tools in the world

There are many tools for launching email marketing, measuring metrics, analyzing important metrics, and using automation, segmentation, and personalization tricks, the most successful of which include:

Each of these tools has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to choose which one to use according to your business goals. The price of this software is different from each other and their cost is calculated on a monthly basis. In the email marketing block, while explaining the capabilities of each tool, we have compared their tariffs so that you can choose the most suitable tool.

In the next session of the digital marketing block, we will look at the next marketing solution, social media traffic marketing. Due to the great popularity of social networks in Iran, do not miss to get acquainted with this marketing strategy. To know the date of publication of this meeting, just enter your email in the registration form on the right.